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Environmental Consciousness in Design

By Jennifer Carter

Environmental Consciousness is Balance Design’s third core value. Reflected throughout our designs and business, we are dedicated to being responsible stewards of our planet by sourcing from local craftsmen and artists as much as possible, as well as repurposing many of our clients’ existing items and giving them new life.

Photos courtesy Whitney Wolf, The Jack Ellis Company

One of our favorite collaborations to date is working with The Jack Ellis Company, based in Avondale Estates, GA. Each tree that founders Whitney Wolf and Tryon Rosser use to build their beautiful reclaimed furniture, cabinetry and accessory pieces for the home has a unique story attached to it. Last year, a couple of our clients in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur, GA were able to go in person and hand-select a slab of white oak wood from the Jack Ellis shop for the custom live edge dining table we designed for them. Coincidentally, the table top slab came from a 100+ year old tree that had fallen a few months prior in the same neighborhood where they now lived. The way in which every ring and worm hole within the slab was exposed was not only beautiful to look at, but showcased the full history and life of the tree. What a great conversation starter for guests coming to dinner!

Photo courtesy Danielle Clockel

By sourcing custom furnishings locally, our clients also gain the ability to tailor every last detail of a finished product according to their home and personal design style. For this client’s kitchen renovation in the historic Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, we teamed up with The Jack Ellis Company again to hand-craft all of the cabinetry, shelving, bar top from locally salvaged wood. Our design became a reality, as each piece was perfectly crafted to complement the age and unique architecture of this Craftsman-style home.

Whether it’s custom furniture, cabinetry, or a piece of art, we love the idea of repurposing materials that would normally end up in a landfill and giving them a second life in the homes of our clients to enjoy for years to come.

A Morningside Dining Room Comes To Life

By Jennifer Carter

Inspired by one of our favorite clients’ love of modern design and whimsical collection of animal sculptures, this dining room was definitely one for the books this year! We wanted to create a fun, yet inviting space to welcome guests and set the tone for the rest of this incredible Morningside home.

Meant to draw your eye into the space, a rich jewel-toned textured grass cloth was the first element installed onto the farthest wall of the room. We then continued the layering process by hanging a contrasting playful set of colorful hand-embroidered curtain panels hung from brushed brass drapery hardware.


The simplicity of the client’s existing white marble top Saarinen tulip table was then warmed up by a set of shapely, walnut framed chairs upholstered in a stonewashed navy blue canvas fabric. Lastly, a cozy textured wool rug with a modern leaf motif was added to anchor the space and play off of the nature-inspired curtains.

All in all, this room is a prime example of a little advice that we hope all of our readers, admirers and clients can take away for the new year. When designing a scheme for any room in your home, don’t be afraid to mix and layer textures, colors, materials and even metal finishes with existing treasured pieces in your home to create cohesive, inviting spaces where you and your guests want to linger and enjoy each other’s company.

XOXO and Happy Holidays!


Before and After: A Westside Contemporary Gets a Facelift – Part I

We were honored to be chosen to help one lovely Atlanta couple re-design a few key spaces in their newly acquired contemporary home. First up – the living room. The goal – to create a sleek, yet comfortable open-concept space with plenty of room for family and friends to gather. Designing with pet-friendly materials and incorporating a touch of pink into the design were high on the priority list, so we got to work!

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Carter


Believe it or not, this space was actually a designer’s dream – blank walls, warm hardwoods running throughout, large windows and a fireplace in need of a little love. What more could you ask for?! Centered in the room, we proposed adding an oversized clean-lined sectional in a durable, yet luxurious gray velvet, perfect for entertaining a crowd. A large coffee table was a must, along with plenty of surfaces to set a drink and ambient lighting for enjoying an evening movie with dinner or curling up and reading a book. We suggested adding in the pink ever so slightly with a pop on the chairs and accent pillows, being careful not to overuse it and come off as too feminine.

The fireplace was the other point of focus in this room. The shape was odd and the mantle unusable. We proposed removing the existing slate surround and streamlining the fireplace silhouette by extending the footprint upwards. Applying a porcelain tile in a straight stacked pattern would enhance the once drab surround, and designing a custom built-in to accommodate a large entertainment center would turn this forgotten wall into to the focal point of the entire space.


We loved the bright white walls, but wanted to amp them up a bit as well. By using a dramatic copper streaked wallpaper behind the television and then carrying it over to the opposite side of room behind the new bar area, we were able to unify all of the walls and add life and warmth to all sides of the room.

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge

This room received quite a transformation and ended up being one of our favorites to date! Sleek, sophisticated, and complementary of the style of the home and the vibrant clients that live there. Designing a space for a client is always a team effort. The best projects and happiest clients always seem to come as the result of collaboration, and this project was no different. We love it when that happens!