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Next Level Master Bath- A Transformation in Progress

Next Level Master Bath- A Transformation in Progress

Every now and then, we love to show a bit of what goes into our designs and a give you a glimpse into the proposals each client receives when they join forces with our team. With each new project we tackle, the designers at Balance Design strive to make each design unique. By incorporating a variety of materials, textures and colors we have been able to create “balanced” aesthetics for our clients to love for many years to come.

One of our current projects is a complete master bathroom renovation for a pair of beloved longtime clients. The goals for this design were to give our clients much needed usable storage space, update their existing tub and shower areas, and give the space an overall bright, spa-like feel that blended with the rest of the rooms in their home.

Sometimes it’s a photograph that inspires us, sometimes it’s a new material we come across. For this project, it was the countertop that spurred the vision for the entire room! Durability, ease of cleaning and a natural look are qualities we look for when selecting countertops for our clients. Porcelain, believe it or not, is now one of the hottest counter materials on the market today. What was once a material only used as tile in the design industry, is now being manufactured into larger slabs for full counter top and wall applications! In this bathroom design, a 10ft slab of porcelain will be cut and mitered to make a custom vanity top and floating shower bench. An all-drawer custom white oak vanity will add much needed storage, and a array of tile, wallpaper, lighting and plumbing fixtures in a variety of soothing color tones will round out the look. We can’t wait to post pictures of this stunning room once construction gets underway!

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