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Need We Say More: Steamy Shower Goodness

By Melody RichardsonThis is the steamy outdoor shower of our dreams! This outdoor oasis is a part of the aptly named Woodman’s Treehouse featured by Dwell Magazine. We could certainly imagine ourselves freshening up and getting close to nature in this gorgeous space. Couldn’t you?

Pop Art Perfection: The Wrongwoods Console

By: Danielle Clockel

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? That is the question. As designers, we think the latter is more fun. For example:


Roy Lichtenstein, a hugely influential artist in the 1960’s pop art movement, was heavily inspired by commercial advertising and comic book graphics. His style is instantly recognizable by his use of bold, thick lines and bright color.


First of all, how incredible is this faux bois Wrongwoods console? Designed by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong (hence the name), the graphic nature of the finish, eye-catching colors, and mid century modern shape harkens to pop art like Lichtenstein’s. It’s like one of his paintings came to life!

Incorporating art into your home is something we hold in very high regard and try to implement in all of our projects. This piece takes that concept to a whole new level, and we love it!

Need We Say More? Tamera Maynes Chair

Blog Chair 2:10

We love the organic simplistic shape of this piece by Tamera Maynes, in her book The Maker. Who makes wood bend like that?! We could certainly imagine ourselves sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of tea in this gorgeous chair.

Need We Say More? Moonlight

By: Danielle Clockel


Bring a little bit of the galaxy home with the Luna lamp from Acorn Studio. It ranges in size from 3.5″ to 23.5″ so you can choose just how spacey you wanna get!

Need We Say More? Sharing The Signal

By: Stephanie Andrews


Sometimes photos come across my desk that take my breath away. This one does just that. The combination of beautiful green walls (a personal favorite, as you know) and modern and inviting atmosphere are one thing, but then there’s that statement light. The Signal Collection from Workstead with Urban Electric Company celebrates the simple forms of globes and spheres, as this pendant illustrates.