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Design Pulp is Back (and this time it’s personal)

Design Pulp is Back (and this time it’s personal)

By Stephanie Andrews

Hello friends! Stephanie here, founder of Balance Design. I am very excited to re-launch Design Pulp after a long hiatus.  My purpose is to share ideas that I think are meaningful, especially for your life at  home.  Our team at Balance Design, may help me with a guest post when they are inspired.  Overall however, this is going to be my place to play and share with you some of the people, things and ideas that I am most excited about in the world of design.   From travel notes of amazing destinations like this recently published article in Atlanta Home magazine to artists that I think are incredible, to recently completed interior design projects and some easy little nuggets that you can incorporate into your home.

Image Courtesy of Atlanta Magazine Home

My philosophy of design, is that a home should be intentional and reflect your personality.  After 23 years in this business, I am still learning something new each day about people and interior design!  These ideas are going to come to you in writing, in photos and in beautiful art.  I am thrilled to interview people that I admire and share their insights.

Okay, enough of my intro hype, today I would like to share 2 products that have been a wonderful addition to my winter evening routine.  Ready?  It is actually a simple cup of tea.  I know, this does not sound very exciting, but it is the ritual that is created after dinner, that has taken the place of a nightly glass of wine.  At some point I may share my journey of releasing most alcohol, but that is not today.  Today it is about my favorite tea mug and my favorite tea.

Image Courtesy of Mora Ceramics

I found this mug on Etsy, my favorite spot to browse for my holiday gifts. It is the perfect little mug that steeps the tea in a custom metal insert that holds loose tea and even has a lid that keeps everything hot while steeping.  It is big enough to last me about an hour of sipping, yet it is not too heavy.

And of course, I need to share the most delicious tea, that my best friend Gail, introduced me to. This ginger turmeric tea is the perfect saffron color, has so much depth in flavor and smell and does not require any additional sweetener.  So many cultures live by their tea, and I am beginning to see why.

So why do I want to wax poetic about a tea mug and a special loose leaf tea?  Mainly because I wanted to share a ritual that has helped me relax into my evening routine at home.  My home is a place that I can feel safe, a place that visually both excites and relaxes me, and a place that I can retreat to- individually and with my family.  Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, we find that we have additional time to prop up our feet  and enjoy a cup of tea.  I treasure these moments.

My intention is to come to you every other week, and I know that if I commit to you here and now, I have a much better chance of living up to my intentions.  Thank you for reading and please let me know if there are any topics that you are keen to learn more about or would like to celebrate, because it means something special to you.

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