Exterior Lovin’ Posts

Before and After: Outdoor Planters

By: Elisabeth Paulson

It is hot out there, folks. If your planter boxes are anything like ours, the spring annuals have lost their pep and blooms are melting before your eyes. Fear not – we have the solution. Here are three of our own transformative foliage additions that are sure to last…as long as we remember to water.



Our doorway planters were looking less than welcoming and needed a major facelift. We kept our healthy heavy-hitters (lambs ears and Heuchera) and added the eye-popping Kong Coleus, impatients for color, and potato vine as a trailer. Come on in!



This modern zinc planter box has followed me from my Chicago rooftop to my current Atlanta backyard. Such a shaded area loves the hovering, paper-like Caladium ‘Aaron’ and sculptural addition of ‘Bossa Nova’ begonia. A fragrant geranium doesn’t have blooms but a satisfying citrus smell that keeps the mosquitos away. Kong Coleus made an encore appearance that should last through the fall.



We love a wall planter – this one flanks my own front door and welcomes me home. Staghorn ferns thrive in a vertical position during humid summers, and ‘Mona Lisa’ lipstick plants are an experiment in this felted-pocket home. Finally, a mosaic plant adds a geometric stripe to the plant party.

Celebrate summer and switch out the old for the new – embrace depth in color and a variety of leaf shapes and sizes. Even if your thumb is less-than-green, you can achieve a fresh foliage facelift.

Recognizing the “Potential” in Your Potential Home.

By: Shelby Adamson

When purchasing a new home it is so easy to get discouraged over cosmetic details: Smurf blue paint, gaudy brass light fixtures, orange shag carpet. We encourage you to look past those minor details to see the knock-out potential behind the home!


Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

We know first impressions are everything. Don’t get discouraged by a drab exterior. Small renovations can completely refresh a home’s look, as well as a simple coat of paint and basic landscaping.



Photos courtesy of Amber Interior Design.

Boring, dim powder room not doing it for you? Make an impact with a new mirror and/or vanity. A simple upgrade to something more stylish can save the day.



Photos courtesy of Cook Republic.

The “make it or break it” room for many people is the kitchen. These renovations usually take a little more time (and money), but there’s always little things that can be done to update — painting cabinets, changing tile, switching out hardware.



Photos courtesy of My Domaine.

Sometimes the room itself is fine, but you’re stopped in your tracks by less than stellar existing furniture. Try not to get hung up on someone else’s choices. You’ve got style! (Or if you don’t, consult with an interior designer after move-in.)

Buying a home can be a stressful, sometimes daunting process. Keep an open mind about cosmetic aspects when you’re shopping around. There is a fix for pretty much anything!

What’s Old Is New Again: Converted Spaces

By: Danielle Cornely

Is your dream home a one-of-a-kind space with character and history? Converted dwellings can start out as pretty much anything: old industrial or commercial spaces, utilitarian structures, even religious institutions. The finished result will always be a truly unique building with a story.



This late 1800’s church got a modern renovation but kept the beautiful beams and facade of the original building.



It may be from the WWII era, but the interior of this water tower has been redone with clean, modern lines. Plus, its six stories keep the home from feeling cramped.



You wouldn’t think a former military hospital would make such an impressive restaurant space, but that’s exactly what The Jane restaurant in Belgium used to be. The high ceilings are accented by an enormous chandelier in the center of the space.



With converted spaces, it’s best to work with the structure, not against. This home from an old grain silo keeps the form of the curved walls and echoes the shape with a spiral staircase.

Converting a non-residential building into a home is undoubtedly a challenge, but it allows for complete customization and individuality. With a little creativity, an unused space can be transformed into a comfortable and unique sanctuary.

Natural Elements: Bringing the Outdoors Inside.

By: Danielle Cornely

Ah, the great outdoors — fresh air, incredible beauty, and endless inspiration. Why leave all that outside?


Urban Hardwoods takes live edge wood pieces to the next level with this headboard. Does it get any better than the raw texture and color variations of natural wood? We think not.


This beautiful hand-tufted rug by South American artist Alexandra Kehayoglou is the best way to feel like you’re lounging in a mossy pasture without leaving the comfort air conditioning.


Giant smooth river rocks that are actually super soft pillows? Yes please.


The succulent print pillow by Plantillo is fresh, bright, and adds a pop of green with absolutely no watering.


These rough and rugged stone slab tables are a beautiful tribute to the raw strength of nature.

bamboo screen

Bamboo panels don’t just look beautiful, they also create amazing light patterns when the sun filters through them.

The spirit of the outdoors is powerful and wonderful. Bring your favorite aspects of it inside to create an invigorating and inspiring space.

Outdoor Style: Boho Bungalow

By: Stephanie Andrews

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner here in Georgia. My backyard needed some help, so I recently had a little work done to it. With a new horizontal slat fence and huge deck, I’ve been hunting for stunning outdoor furniture. Of all the styles I’ve perused, one of my favorites is a boho bungalow-inspired look.

Deck furniture composite

1. Encase Outdoor Swing  – Modway
2. Tuuci Manta Shade – Design Within Reach
3. Farmhouse Lounge Chair – Dwell
4. Bora Bora Pillow – Wayfair
5. Nozib Teak Lounger – Dwell
6. Criss Knit Pod – CB2
7. Trimaran Stripe Rug – Dash & Albert

Bright colors paired with natural tones make this look sophisticated and fun.