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Why I love What I Do- 4 Interior Designers Share

Why I love What I Do- 4 Interior Designers Share

Sometimes in the hustle of getting things accomplished every day, we need to slow down and remember the “why”. We asked our team at Balance Design what they love about their work.  Here’s what they said:

“I am an extrovert, I get energy from working with clients and our team to collaborate. I love to make a home full of beauty, grace and meaning. There are so many ways that I love to discover the elements of a design. Listening to clients dreams for their spaces, realizing a bit of surprise, or to get fully inspired by a travel that could somehow relate to a design are just a few of the ways that I am inspired.  And when I feel inspired, I love what I do.”


“I love that no day ever looks the same in this industry. I get to use my passion for design and problem solving on a daily basis to create spaces for clients that can truly enrich their lives. Each new project ends up bringing about a beautiful collaboration of ideas not only between us and the client, but with ourselves and other designers and tradespeople to create truly meaningful spaces to live and thrive in. Your home should be your oasis. When I am able to share a part of myself with each client to make their lives just a little bit easier, it becomes a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for all parties involved.”


Image Courtesy of Christina Wedge

“With an early childhood education background, I learned early on that function in a space can make or break your experience. What I love about interior design is helping clients create a space that functions well and allows them to flourish. A space that not only evokes their personality, but also leaves room for growth. There are endless opportunities to make a space as unique as the person you are designing for. Collaborating with the client to make a space that is just right for them is the ultimate satisfaction.”


Image Courtesy of Ikon Productions

“I think what I love about interior design is its universal ability to make people feel something. Even if you’re not an interior designer or interested in interiors, I think most people can walk into a space and have some sort of emotional response or gut reaction. Because design has layers of artful expression and objective functionality, people with all sorts of backgrounds and personalities can connect with something about a space. That’s also why I love design as a service – everyone comes to us with different needs and wants, and creating a design that satisfies those parameters is my way of showing that I get them and I care about the way they feel. “

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