Week 4: Expanding Your Shelter in Place to the Outdoors! - Design Pulp
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Week 4: Expanding Your Shelter in Place to the Outdoors!

Week 4: Expanding Your Shelter in Place to the Outdoors!

By: The Balance Design Team

At Balance Design, we have been sheltering in place and working remotely, much like the rest of Atlanta for the past 4 weeks. We have also been realizing how having some comfortable stylish spaces outside can keep up from feeling too cooped up. So, we challenged our designers to create outdoor spaces for the patio, porch or balcony that would be both stylish and budget-friendly. We gave Shelby a budget of $1500 and Melody a budget of $5000 for a bit more of a splurge. See how their creativity was not limited, even though their budget was!

Shelby: $1500 Budget

Total: $1390

Creating a serene outdoor space can completely transform your home life and take you on a beautiful get-away – in your very own backyard! By utilizing online vendors, we have pulled together a great budget-friendly space that can be easily implemented! Combining a sleek teak sofa with textural woven chairs, and layering with colorful accents and a smart rug, really pulls everything together. The icing on the cake is the colorful sailcloth (great for shading from the sun), whimsical accent pillows, and a pitcher of margaritas! A beautiful outdoor space can be attainable at any budget!

Melody: $5000 Budget

Total: $4475

When utilizing a larger budget, we wanted to ensure there was plenty of seating that could be lounged on poolside, or just enjoyed on a lovely spring day. We paired a woven sofa chaise with a swing to give every member of the family their choice in seating! The swing is actually a double, perfect for cuddling up next to a loved one, or curling up with a good book.  The pineapple wind chimes add a bit of whimsy that sound with the breeze and colorful pops from the rug, pillows, and tables bring a fun boho vibe that pairs beautifully with the subtle ombre coffee table. Finally, the striped umbrella keeps everyone cool, calm, and protected from the sun.

We invite you to reach out to us if you would like any design assistance during these unprecedented times. These designs are available from online retailers and can ship directly to your home! Your home is your haven and we think you should love it. Take care and stay safe!

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