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Trust the Process  (and don’t rush it!)

Trust the Process  (and don’t rush it!)

By Stephanie Andrews

Mural by Crystal Luke, Photographed by Mali Azima

Hi everyone! Before I get into the personal design for my home, I’d like to share my goals for this new, more personal blog:
1-Share stories of my home and travels that are relatable and helpful to both of us.
2-Share design and life advice from my observations and experience to inspire and create
3-Build a community in Atlanta and beyond that shares similar interests, beliefs and curiosities to build something bigger.  (This last goal will hopefully begin to take more specific shape in the months to come!)

Some of you may be wondering which wallpaper I chose for my accent wall between the kitchen and the dining room. (Un)Fortunately, it was not this one we debuted on April Fools Day! (Although now I know who loves me unconditionally, even after they thought I lost my mind)

Our little Practical Joke

My top two choices from our last post:

I liked Andrea’s mural-the serenity was palpable and I loved the touch of pink in the sky that would relate to the new pinkish color in the dining room.  I also loved Allie’s choice, although a bit busier. I liked the colors, the leaves and the high contrast.  Her choice felt sophisticated and organic. Alas-I am not yet resolved with a final decision!

I am talking to a couple of my artist friends about a possible mural. The beauty of a mural is that it is completely customized to whatever we want!  The colors, shapes, textures are completely personal.  These are two of my favorite local artists and muralists that I have been considering:

I love these artists so much, and I know that having one of their works in my home would be beautiful, yet I am not quite ready to commit.

I am reminding myself to trust the process. I do not have to change my wall until it feels right and the decision brings me a settled joyful feeling. Many times this is something that we tell clients. Last week, I got a phone call from a client about the paint color not looking right.  I went over and noticed that there was only one coat, and they had not finished yet.  It is easy to get restless when it comes to change, wanting it to be done with. However, good things take time and patience and rushed decisions are usually not the best ones. We encourage phasing out projects so that each space gets the attention and consideration in deserves. We are happy to do a home all at once (especially for the fearless) but realistically, change is sometimes better in smaller digestible pieces. It is easy to be overwhelmed in the world of design, there are endless choices and more than one may feel right. This is when we remind them to trust their gut, absorb the changes they have selected, and have a bit of patience. In the end the right decision will feel right, even if you second guess yourself. Seeing your instincts come to life in a design that is truly your own is magical.

Thank you for reading and please reach out if there is something that you would like to see and read on Design Pulp.  [email protected]


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