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Set Your Intention 2021

Set Your Intention 2021

January 1st 2021.  I have sometimes wondered whether this day would come.  This past year has taught me so many lessons: letting go of control, realizing racial inequities in a way that I never contemplated before, the beauty and stress release of a hike, the value of staying present in every conversation, and that working with kind people can give a deeper meaning to the concept of “work”.

So as I do each year at this time, I am writing my goals for 2021.  This year it feels different as I  want to make the process more meaningful, less superficial.  I divided my goals into the different areas of my life like relationships, physical, spiritual, work and aspirational (wouldn’t it be amazing if…?)   This year what is guiding my goals is setting an overarching intention for 2021 that can be referenced and respected within each area of my life.  My intention for 2021: Be Here Now.  This means that if I am working out, I am feeling each part of my body, or if I am designing I am fully taking in the client, their family, their home, their wants and their needs.  Philosophically, I have done this before, but this year it feels deeper in its importance, perhaps because of the lessons I have learned from 2020. 

Thank you for indulging me as I share my process with you.  I would love to know what is driving you-your intention for 2021.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you in my life through Balance Design, with the talented and generous collaboration of Jennifer Carter, Melody Richardson and this year, my daughter, Allie Andrews.  Thanks to the unending love and support of my husband Ed Andrews, he never stops believing in me.  Special friends, family and incredible clients have made 2020 a year worth remembering positively.

-Stephanie Andrews

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