Save The Date! Courtney Khail's Sugar & Vice - Design Pulp
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Save The Date! Courtney Khail’s Sugar & Vice

Save The Date! Courtney Khail’s Sugar & Vice

As many of our readers know, supporting local artists is one of our company values and a true passion that we all share. We are so excited to be featuring, once again, the incredible Courtney Khail as she unveils her new collection Sugar & Vice.

As this is somewhat of a new concept for her art, Courtney shared her inspiration for this collection:

“Why popsicles? Because of the nostalgia and the mess. Everyone has a childhood memory that involves a popsicle of some sort. Doesn’t matter if they were homemade or store bought, if they were fancy or were nothing more than artificially dyed sugar water in plastic sleeves, it’s a memory that we all can relate to. How our tongues and lips would get stained, the pools of melted colors left behind when they melted.”

“Sugar & Vice (a play on the nursery rhyme that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice”) is the story of growing up. The sometimes funny, sometimes sad -oftentimes confusing- road between girlhood and womanhood. How those stages melt into each other neither having a definitive beginning or end, and how those experiences leave behind “stains” that influence what we think and who we become.” – Courtney

We invite you to save the date- August 26, 6-8pm! We can’t wait to see you there!

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