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Innovation In Design

Innovation In Design

By the Balance Design Team

Innovation is one of our core values, both in our process and our final designs. But what does that really mean? Shelby walks us through a few of her projects and explains how outside the box thinking led to incredible spaces for her clients.

Photo Courtesy of Gary Gomez

These clients contacted us to renovate their entryway and dining room, which are connected by a beautiful arched doorway that’s totally original to the 1910 home. They wanted the entrance to function as a study area but still feel open and connected to the dining room. The only way they could see achieving this was to demo the arched wall to open up the space. We hated the idea of getting rid of such a gorgeous and historic feature, so we suggested keeping the arch, cutting into the adjacent wall, and wrapping built-in shelving around the dining room into the entryway. It was so important for us to preserve this architectural detail in the space but still create that open and inviting vibe. Now the two spaces are configured perfectly for storage as well as a space to entertain.

Photo Courtesy of Christina Wedge

A newly purchased midtown condo with beautiful architectural details dating back to 1914 presented a challenge for the new homeowners. At the top of their wishlist was a wet room (a soaking tub in the same area as the shower, enclosed behind shower glass doors). The clients’ master bathroom was a cramped space, but we saw a lot of potential. After reviewing the floor plan, we found that we could turn the adjoining closet into a toilet room and use the entirety of the original bathroom to create a wet room with a floating bath vanity (and a floating makeup vanity!). To say we utilized every last inch of space is an understatement, but the final result was a stunning and zen like retreat.

It takes a lot of trust (and the occasional leap of faith) to let someone into your home and allow them to change things up to create your vision, and we are eternally grateful to our amazing clients who bestow this honor on us. This trust is what allows us to think outside the box and take these chances in design — we couldn’t do it without them!

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