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Change is Hard… (But so worth it!)

Change is Hard… (But so worth it!)

By Stephanie Andrews


Two simple tasks are magical in the home-simplifying and new paint.  Simplifying means decluttering, arranging shelves, and letting go of items that no longer serve you.  New paint is obvious when you want to change and uplift your home, and you want the biggest bang for your buck.  To me, there is little that is more powerful in interior design than new paint on the walls, trim and ceiling.

I tend to do these 2 tasks more frequently than most people.  I think that is because I like to dwell in the magic.  That being said, when I decide to drastically change something with paint, I am still nervous that I am going to hate it.  Change is still hard for me, especially in my own home.

Recently, I decided to paint my dining room a beautiful neutral blush color-Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster.  I am going to paint both the walls and trim in this color.  My dining room is a collection of mid century furniture, mainly from City Issue, some antique chairs from my grandfathers doctor’s office and a very special art wall from our travels.

Art Wall


Currently the walls are Sherwin Williams Unusual Gray and the trim is Benjamin Moore White Dove (my favorite warm white).  This is going to be a big transformation!   This room is what I look at every morning while meditating, journaling and writing, so I better like it!

Dining Room Before


My fear is good for me, however.  It gives me compassion for our clients when we suggest a huge shift for their home.  It also gives me less rigidity  and creates more flow and growth in my life.  So I am trusting the process, and trusting myself to follow through.  I have purchased the paint and scheduled the painter!

Dining Room After


Our painter completed it yesterday!  It is such a big change, that it is hard to know how I feel.  There is a part of me that loves it, and another part that is still unsure.  I love the pink tones with the red Persian rug and the touches of red in the art.  I am excited to try an oversized Japanese paper chandelier (like this one from Etsy.). I will keep you posted, as I get used to the change and share what happens next.  Please let me know your thoughts on change and how you feel about it.

Light Fixture to Come. Image by LumiereShadesStore on Etsy.


Until then I wanted to share my latest coffee table book for great color ideas for your home.  Victorian Modern by Jo Leevers pushes design for Victorian Homes with deep saturated colors, modern wallpaper and creative lighting.  It makes me want to try some new design ideas in our Atlanta neighborhoods of Inman Park and Grant Park.  Stay tuned!

Awesome Coffee table book. Image courtesy of Jo Leevers (Author) and Rachael Smith (Photographer) via Amazon.

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