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#BDHomelove: Loving Their Living Spaces

#BDHomelove: Loving Their Living Spaces

This year we’ve been incredibly lucky to have many phenomenal clients. With amazing clients comes lots of #BDHomelove! This week and next, we will be sharing some more client features and beautiful spaces. Our guest contributor this week worked with us to create a living space that truly spoke to who they are. Read on to find out why and what they love about their home.

Druid Hills Treehouse Escape

“As a kid I loved tree houses, though I never had one of my own. That childhood desire morphed into a wish to create and outdoor screened room perched off the ground, surrounded by greenery and trees. That idea remained seed-like, tucked away in the recesses of my heart and mind, until Covid-19 hit and the idea of a room with floor to ceiling screens on all four sides suddenly seemed like the perfect practical solution to being with adult children and close friends, at a distance but with the comfort of a roof over head and protection from biting creatures. The end result has far surpassed those pandemic-influenced goals. Of course, with Stephanie’s guidance the room has a rustic elegance beyond any childhood dream. Today, on one of those rare February days with blue skies and temperature hovering near 60, I snuck outside, alone, to eat my lunch in the quiet of my magical treehouse. Light flickered through the treetops, casting beautiful shadows across the table and my plate. Pure bliss.”

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