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Art During the Pandemic

Art During the Pandemic

At Balance Design, we have some close relationships with some very talented local artists. Adrienne Anbinder, currently a featured artist in our studio spoke with us about creating art during the Pandemic. She shared some of her meditations that she considered as she made her beauties. We find her art to be not only a colorful burst of nature, but that she has found a way to express her soul to us through her work. Adrienne’s warmth and talent exude through her colorful expressions.  

Oranges and Parrot Tulip, 2018

Oranges and Parrot Tulip by Adrienne Anbinder

“Parrot Tulips are some of my favorite flower; they exude drama and mystery. The blossoms hold bright surprise. The riot of colors remind me of a tropical jungle. On a whim, I placed some bright oranges next to the tulips to see how they would respond to one another. They were happy! Their colors exploded with joy.”

Artichoke Mandala, 2015

Artichoke Mandala by Adrienne Anbinder

“I created Artichoke Mandala years ago when I was working as an art director for an advertising agency that I own with my husband. I was photographing artichokes for a magazine. I loved my job, but the pressure of getting the perfect photo for the magazine’s recipe made it difficult to enjoy creative freedom. So when my work day had ended, I went to my studio and photographed the artichoke as if it were a lush oil painting with glorious reds, greens, and crispy edges of burnt umber. The end result did, indeed, resemble a painting. Artichoke Mandala remains my best selling photograph.”

Majestic Ram, 2016

Majestic Ram by Adrienne Anbinder

“This beloved ram was sitting off to the side near his wooly sheep family. The light was illuminating him so perfectly, it appeared as if he possessed a halo. He was peaceful and regal when I took his photo. After I snapped the picture I emphasized his princely quality until he looked as dreamy as I had envisioned him in my mind’s eye. This Majestic Ram, filled with grace, is my favorite animal photo. “

The Empress, 2021

The Empress by Adrienne Anbinder

“My Empress is a cross between The Empress Tarot card and a costume party. The Empress tarot card represents a mother, a creator, and a nurturer. I relate to this powerful card. And the powerful costume she is wearing represents the many disguises we all inhabit to fit in.”

“I believe that the best moments in our lives are usually not passive or relaxing times. The best moments usually occur when a person’s mind is expanded in order to accomplish something difficult, but creative. This brings forth the divine state of flow.  As I create my art, I yearn for that experience because when this occurs, I know I have unearthed something authentic and meaningful.  Through nature, I have found my flow.  And my calling.” – Adrienne
We are very appreciative and excited to show some of Adrienne’s collections in our Candler Park studio. Be sure to check out her website at or follow her on instagram at @adrienneanbinder

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