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Shut the front door!

By: Kate Donnelly


It’s the first impression that visitors will get of your home – don’t let it be the last paint color you choose! The front door is a focal point and is the perfect place to express the style of the home’s interior. We compiled some of our favorite looks to help you make an entrance:

1. Think about contrast

yellow door

A neutral siding like this light gray can be considered a blank canvas. This color makes a perfect a backdrop to a cheery pop of yellow. We really dig Benjamin Moore’s Copacabana.

2. Have fun with your house number

red door

A coat of paint isn’t the only way to spice up your front door. Large house numbers are not only easier to see from the street, but can add a touch of whimsy to any door. Check out some of the options we found on Etsy.

3. Test out a few shades

blue door

Are you torn between 4 different shades of blue? Test them out! Try various shades on each panel of the door. Taking a step back to the street can bring some clarity to the process. Try  the approach of Sherry and John of Young House Love. Their vibrant shade of teal is truly inviting.

4. Try Salvaging!

refurbished 3

Some of the most unique doors won’t be found in any home improvement store. Refurbishing an antique salvaged door can be an affordable alternative to a custom made door. Check out your local salvage yard today, you might stumble upon a forgotten treasure!

It’s easy to see that freshening up your front door is the fastest (and sometimes, the cheapest) way of making an impact on your overall curb appeal. So be bold! Whether your color palette is courageous or classic, a friendly front door is the perfect way to make your house uniquely yours.