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Luxury Threads.

By: Shelby Adamson

Starting to feel a chill in the air, but not ready to break out the flannels and knitted throws? Let us introduce you to your new best friend during shifting seasons: linen.


Photo courtesy of Indigo Traders.

Turkish linens are no one hit wonder. Toss them on the back of a sofa to use as a medium weight throw. Fold delicately and display in a guest bath as beautiful and functional towels. Or even wrap yourself up in one and get cozy!


Photo courtesy of Brahms Mount.

Okay, sure, they’re beautiful. But there’s more to it than that! Linen has been used for centuries as an exfoliant and is naturally antimicrobial. (That means even if you use your Turkish linens as towels, there’s never any musty smell.)


Photo courtesy of Bathstyle on Etsy.

Plus, it’s a year-round fabric. It cools in warmer temperatures but retains heat in chilly weather.


Photo courtesy of Jayson Home.

And don’t worry about them wearing out too quickly. Linen is not only three times stronger than cotton, it also softens with age. So while your cotton towels get rougher as time goes on, linen towels just keep getting better.

We believe that the best pieces for your home are the ones that not only look nice, but will serve you well for years and years. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with quality linens.

Little Treasures: Curated Details

By: Stephanie Andrews

A lot of times we focus on the larger items when talking about making a house feel like a home, but it’s really all in the details. The little treasures you put on display are what make your home distinct and true to your personality and style. Pick up the item you’re considering and ask yourself: is this authentically me? Do I find it beautiful? Does it feel like it was designed just for me? It’s a tough litmus test, but in the long run it will ensure that everything you select for your home is meaningful.

treasure composite

1. Tasche wall pocket. We love the earthy tone of this leather.
2. Devour tea towel. The simple design combined with the sentiment behind this tea towel is perfection.
3. Serving board. You can’t go wrong with soft, curved wood.
4. Amazonian standing pot. Organic textures and materials are the ultimate inspiration.
5. Turkish bath towels. It’s good to add a little luxury here and there, like these 100% organic cotton towels from Turkey.
6. Teddy hook. Functional items don’t have to be uninspiring.