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Scout Pop Up Shop: Vintage Rugs Galore!

By: Scout Vintage Rugs

Stephanie, Mia, and Lailee — we are Scout Vintage Rugs! Our business started when we realized we shared an obsession for Persian and Turkish rugs. We also happened to share a “problem”; between the three of us, we’d accumulated (some might say, hoarded!) way more vintage rugs than we could actually use. So we decided to start sharing our love for these beautiful pieces with others and showing people how to use them in their own homes.

No longer consigned to the formal living room, Persian and Turkish rugs are finally being used the way they were intended — to ground family life. We put them in our kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. We let our kids play on them. Scout rugs are beautifully timeworn, retaining traces of the artists that weaved them and the families that lived on them. They are a connection to the past, a soulful addition to our modern homes. And they are just plain ol’ gorgeous.

We’d love to see you at our pop-up at the Balance Design Studio, Oct 21-22. Come by to shop or say hi! And if you’d like to see our rugs another time or try them out in your home, let us know.

Fall 2017: Runway-Inspired Interior Style

By: The Balance Design Team

We’re heading into seasonal closet-cleaning time where we take stock of what we have and note what’s needed to freshen up existing pieces. And if we’re doing this for our clothes, why not our homes as well? Here are some trends we’re loving from New York Fashion Week that can inspire both areas of your life.

Stephanie’s Pick: Pink and Silver Statement

Photo courtesy of Vogue.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor.

At this season’s fashion week, pink knits paired with metallic silver accents were comfortable yet dynamic. In this sitting room, the splashes of pink in the pillows and armchairs keep you on your toes, while the shimmering rug and soft greys make you want to slip into a nap on that cozy long sofa. This combination is strong and vivid, layered and colorful, and even—dare I say—timeless? We shall see.

Elisabeth’s Pick: Lingerie All Day

Photo courtesy of Vogue.

Photo courtesy of Designer Rugs.

This season presents a multitude of sensual black garments: fur, leather, and lace layered in sophisticated swaths of ooh-la-la. Lorenzo Serafini’s collection makes wearing undergarments all day totally possible…right?! Let’s just put that gorgeous model right in this gothic veranda with costume designer Catherine Martin’s new black lace rug, shall we?

Shelby’s Pick: Red Red Red

Photo courtesy of Now Fashion.

Photo courtesy of Maison Valentina.

Red alert! Unsurprisingly, red is a favorite color for statement pieces, real show stoppers. Whether it’s a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit or a floor-to-ceiling built-in, red is an instant focal point. With the right hue, it’s a timeless classic (red lipstick, anyone?) that adds a splash of brightness to any look or space.

Danielle’s Pick: Oversized Natural Accessories

Photo courtesy of Vogue.

Photo courtesy of Remodelista.

There’s so much to love about Delpozo’s fashion week collection: the modern silhouettes, the airy sherbet tones, and of course the BIG OL’ BOWS. Contrasting the crisp colors and sleek shapes of their clothing, Delpozo topped off each look with a big ol’ honkin’ rattan headpiece. And what’s the home equivalent of this natural woven cherry-on-top? African wall baskets! Accenting a modern, neutral room with these warm tones creates a current but cozy look and adds character to an otherwise sterile environment.

Melody’s Pick: Patchwork Party

Photo courtesy of Vogue.

Photo courtesy of Rose Lawn.

Bold and intriguing. As we see in fashion week and in the rug world, patchwork is back! Curating pattern and heritage from a variety of sources, patchwork rugs comprised of antique kilim remnants give life to otherwise forgotten works of art.

Any of these trends, whether applied to your wardrobe or your furnishings, are sure to amp up your style factor. You and your home deserve to strut your stuff!

Kidspiration! For the Young and Young At Heart.

By: Melody Richardson

Room Envy

Having one of our kids’ room designs featured in Atlanta Magazine this month really inspired us to take another look at these rooms. One of our favorite projects of this kind was for two young ladies in Midtown. They surprised us with the sophisticated taste they showed on their Pinterest boards, and we were able to bring their vision to life. 

Bedroom2crop Blog

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel for Balance Design.

Light, airy, textural pieces give this teenage room stylistic maturity without sacrificing fun. The whole family has great taste in rugs, and for this older sister we layered a Moroccan with a sheepskin for ultimate plush comfort. She loves to read, and what better spot than in her whimsical hanging chair, layered with colorful pillows? The vanity is a great spot for dressing, playing with makeup, and feeling beautiful. The window panels add a little edge with aged brass studs, and pops of her favorite color teal are brought in through pillows and artwork. (Not shown here, her entire closet is painted the same color!) 

pinkroom2 Blog

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel for Balance Design.

The younger sister knew exactly which shade of coral she wanted in her room: Benjamin Moore’s Summer Sun Pink channelled a fun, youthful vibe that carries over into the furnishings. Inspired by her dad’s love of kilim rugs, we chose one with a fun, feminine feel. The pops of turquoise on the turned nightstands modernize these more traditional pieces, and tie in the lovely accents on the window panels and bedding trim. The gallery wall displays her personal artwork, creating a light and playful overall effect. 

Let us know what channels your inner child, and gives you serious kidspiration!

Oh Rug, where art thou?

By: Melody Richardson

As the newest member of the Balance Design Atlanta team, I have been fortunate enough to be thrust into the wonderful world of interior design. Coming from teaching elementary school, it has been big and exciting change. I have learned that creating a comfortable learning space pulls upon some of the same concepts as creating a comfortable living space. One key skill I have been made aware of is the ability to incorporate art and rugs into a design. We were lucky enough to attend a session on this very skill at ADAC last week. John Oetgen worked with the Hathaway Gallery and Moattar to curate a fabulous collection of paired art and rugs.


Pairing an abstract painting with a geometric rug creates structure while still celebrating the organic, expressive lines of the art. Common colors draw upon each other to create a consistent theme without matching too closely. The muted colors in this pairing create a serene and comfortable space.


The flowing lines of this art deco inspired rug bring out the same whimsy as the painting even though the colors are not an exact match. This rug is inspired by the Chinese rugs that were popular in the 1920’s, and embraces the decadence of that era with curves galore. The painting gives similarly luscious feel, with a figure gazing out into the distance. Each is a statement piece on its own, and together the two create a sumptuous feeling of elegance.


Both this beautiful large scale painting as well as the antique Turkish rug have a saturation of rich, deep color. Although they are definitely different in their styles, they complement one another through shared color, richness, and warmth.


Finally, we saw the use of a rug as art. This dragon tapestry speaks for itself! The vibrancy of the colors as well as the detail within the piece really make a statement. This is one rug we wouldn’t dare to walk on.

I would never have imagined the impact that rugs and art can have on a room design. I’m learning new things in the field every day! Colors, fabrics, stones, and floor plans — each day I find myself immersed in something new. I can’t wait to share my ongoing journey!

On Our Turf: Jaipur at the Atlanta Market

By: Shelby Adamson & Danielle Clockel

Last week the Balance Design team took a much deserved trip to the Atlanta Market at AmericasMart to get inspired–and boy were we ever! One of our favorites was Jaipur Living, a vendor we love to source from, and touring their incredible showroom was a real treat.


Just look at this beautiful Kazak-style rug. Jaipur’s diversity in style is unmatched.


How could this beautifully worn medallion rug get better? How about a coordinating pillow?


The displays were incredible. Rugs were artfully paired with pillows, textiles, and carvings.


I mean, we were speechless.

We’ve been huge fans of Jaipur Living for a while now, but finally getting to meet the team at the showroom really gave us a new level of appreciation for the company. Plus, we were surrounded by incredible rugs!