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What’s Old Is New Again: Converted Spaces

By: Danielle Cornely

Is your dream home a one-of-a-kind space with character and history? Converted dwellings can start out as pretty much anything: old industrial or commercial spaces, utilitarian structures, even religious institutions. The finished result will always be a truly unique building with a story.



This late 1800’s church got a modern renovation but kept the beautiful beams and facade of the original building.



It may be from the WWII era, but the interior of this water tower has been redone with clean, modern lines. Plus, its six stories keep the home from feeling cramped.



You wouldn’t think a former military hospital would make such an impressive restaurant space, but that’s exactly what The Jane restaurant in Belgium used to be. The high ceilings are accented by an enormous chandelier in the center of the space.



With converted spaces, it’s best to work with the structure, not against. This home from an old grain silo keeps the form of the curved walls and echoes the shape with a spiral staircase.

Converting a non-residential building into a home is undoubtedly a challenge, but it allows for complete customization and individuality. With a little creativity, an unused space can be transformed into a comfortable and unique sanctuary.