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The Sacred Space.

By: The Balance Design Team

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a time of betterment — a time to look inward and focus on self care. We believe no self improvement is complete without considering your home as an integral part of yourself. Here’s a few methods to creating a peaceful yet empowering environment for your soul.

  • Collect and curate. This is what keeps a home from feeling “too put together” and sterile. Gifts from friends, antique treasures, and family heirlooms that hold a special place in your heart are what gives your home personality. Worry less about what pieces go together perfectly and focus more on what makes you feel creative, cozy, and content.
  • Showcase what you love. Arranging a meaningful art wall can not only ground you visually, but also bring you joy throughout the day with each glimpse. Combine a child’s work of art with photographs from travels and special mementos picked up along the way. Integrate all this with a piece from a local artist you love and the result is a wall that is authentically one of a kind.
  • Pare down/clean up. On the flip side of collecting, don’t be afraid to let go of things either — donate that rug or lamp that doesn’t bring you joy, even if you haven’t found the best substitution yet. Or maybe your version of minimizing clutter is simply making sure all your treasured belongings have a dedicated space. Whatever your tidying up philosophy is, when each room is clean and functional you can enjoy every corner of your home and make it special.
  • Breathe it in. Clean indoor air is essential for creating a more energized and healthy space to enjoy, but air quality in most homes is two to five times more contaminated than outside. Limiting chemical exposure, removing mold, diffusing essential oils, and adding plants are all surefire ways to cleaner and better breathing.
  • Slow it down. Taking time to calm your mind is an important part of self care and good mental health. Create a space in your home dedicated to meditation, yoga, or just good ol’ distraction-free relaxation. A quiet corner with a few comfy pillows and a plush blanket might be all you need to settle in for a few moments of quiet each day. Small practices like this build over time, and the results can be extraordinary.

It’s easy to commit to these practices at the start of a new year, but we often get overwhelmed by too many lofty goals in a couple of months. Consider these methods small, attainable ways to make each day a little more peaceful, a little more sacred.

A Simple Holiday Season

By: Stephanie Andrews

What a year it has been! We have so much to be thankful for: a thriving interior design business, a beautiful community, and some very special clients, friends and families. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to stay mindful of what is truly important this time of year. To us, holiday decorating means creating a space that is warm, inviting, and finds inspiration in the simple beauty of nature.


Photo courtesy of The Kitchn.

Air plants and oranges. Simple, festive, easy.


Photo courtesy of OMGLifestyle.

There’s something magical about the blooming of forced bulbs like amaryllis, paper whites, or tulips.


Photo courtesy of Monika Hibbs.

A beautiful way to decorate the banister: delicate greenery, pinecones, and ribbon tied to the newels with floral wire.


Photo courtesy of

Don’t forget the fireplace! Seasonal fruit and pines create an organic and authentic ambiance.

We wish you the very best holiday season and thank you for an incredible year. Looking forward to a sumptuous (design- filled) New Year!

Color Palette: Happy New Year!

By: Danielle Cornely

A new year is a time for hope, excitement, and just plain fun! Think soft bubbly hues with a few POPS of fun color, keeping next year’s on trend tones in mind.

Photo courtesy of Squarespace.

Photo courtesy of Squarespace.

From left to right:
Sherwin Williams: Polished Concrete SW 9167
Benjamin Moore: Autumn Orange 2156-10
Farrow & Ball: Calamine No. 230
Sherwin Williams: Derbyshire SW 6741
Farrow & Ball: Manor House Gray No. 265
Sherwin Williams: Pineapple Cream SW 1668

Cheers to a colorful new year!

Top Five Calendars to Start Your Year Off Right

By: Danielle Cornely

For some, a calendar is more than a list of days of the year; it’s like a personal assistant that keeps all of your schedules, plans, and goals organized in one place. While many have made the move from hard copy to digital, we’ve collected our top five calendars to convince you that print is not dead.


Arina Pozdnyak puts a modern, emotive twist on the classic landscape with the Perpetual Calendar. Each month is a beautiful, meditative photograph that makes the calendar feel like an art collection.


Simple and whimsical, this watercolor calendar by Flora Douville is handmade by the artist in France and is available in English and French.


Graphic shapes and a soft pink hue combine to make this calendar by SNUG.TOYBLOCKS chic and versatile.


We love this unique calendar by Stuart Greer for Fedrigoni! Created with designers in mind, this little guy won’t hog precious desk or wall space.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more environmentally conscious, the Isometric Risograph Calendar by Paper Pusher is for you. Printed on 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with soy-based inks, its beautiful geometric designs are a feast for the eyes all year long.

That’s a Wrap, 2014!

By: Stephanie Andrews

As we wrap up the year, I find myself reflecting on just how grateful I am to all of our amazing clients, vendors, and team members, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks. 2014 was an eventful year that saw many memorable changes and beginnings.

In January, we took the first steps to creating Design Pulp, a brand new blog that would allow us to explore the outer reaches of  design and our passion for travel, art, and inspiration.

Screenshot 2014-12-29 09.31.01

We hired Danielle Cornely in March, and she is truly a rock star (inside and out). Her enthusiasm, creative organization, and positivity are a daily inspiration. She’s also a talented photographer!

Photography by Danielle Cornely for Balance Design

Photography by Danielle Cornely for Balance Design

Two large renovation projects began in April, and both were finished just in time for the holidays. We developed incredible relationships with the clients, builders, and craftsmen from these jobs as we navigated construction of new kitchens, baths, and second floors.

Photography by Danielle Cornely for Balance Design

Photography by Danielle Cornely for Balance Design

In May, we landed an awesome retail project, Splash of Olive. It was a joy to bring the clients’ dream to life in a beautiful Decatur space.

SOA_REN_AThanks to our incredible design director, Elisabeth Paulson, I was able to take a much needed vacation in July. Knowing that we can all travel and enjoy time off because we have a quality team is such a relief. It’s hard to find words to express how much I value everything that Elisabeth brings to Balance Design, so I was more than happy to return the favor when she went to France in August. It’s no surprise that she had a wonderful time (you can read more about it here on Design Pulp).

Photo by Elisabeth Paulson for Balance Design

Photo by Elisabeth Paulson for Balance Design

In October, we got to implement several large projects that we started at the beginning of the summer. From emerald green sofas to large modern art, they came together through hard work and dedication to make our clients’ homes a reflection of their personalities.

Photography by Traci Cox for Balance Design

Photography by Traci Cox for Balance Design

I am so happy to be able to do what I do with the help of truly gifted people with big hearts, great ideas, and amazing work ethic. Looking forward to 2015 and all it will bring!

From all of us at Balance Design and Design Pulp, thank you.