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Oh Rug, where art thou?

By: Melody Richardson

As the newest member of the Balance Design Atlanta team, I have been fortunate enough to be thrust into the wonderful world of interior design. Coming from teaching elementary school, it has been big and exciting change. I have learned that creating a comfortable learning space pulls upon some of the same concepts as creating a comfortable living space. One key skill I have been made aware of is the ability to incorporate art and rugs into a design. We were lucky enough to attend a session on this very skill at ADAC last week. John Oetgen worked with the Hathaway Gallery and Moattar to curate a fabulous collection of paired art and rugs.


Pairing an abstract painting with a geometric rug creates structure while still celebrating the organic, expressive lines of the art. Common colors draw upon each other to create a consistent theme without matching too closely. The muted colors in this pairing create a serene and comfortable space.


The flowing lines of this art deco inspired rug bring out the same whimsy as the painting even though the colors are not an exact match. This rug is inspired by the Chinese rugs that were popular in the 1920’s, and embraces the decadence of that era with curves galore. The painting gives similarly luscious feel, with a figure gazing out into the distance. Each is a statement piece on its own, and together the two create a sumptuous feeling of elegance.


Both this beautiful large scale painting as well as the antique Turkish rug have a saturation of rich, deep color. Although they are definitely different in their styles, they complement one another through shared color, richness, and warmth.


Finally, we saw the use of a rug as art. This dragon tapestry speaks for itself! The vibrancy of the colors as well as the detail within the piece really make a statement. This is one rug we wouldn’t dare to walk on.

I would never have imagined the impact that rugs and art can have on a room design. I’m learning new things in the field every day! Colors, fabrics, stones, and floor plans — each day I find myself immersed in something new. I can’t wait to share my ongoing journey!