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Patina: Inspiration in Italy’s Two-Wheeled Gems

By: Stephanie Andrews

Ah, patina — that beautiful combination of color, age, rust, and character. While a brand new piece of furniture does fill me with a certain excitement, I think people underestimate the power and beauty of a vintage treasure. On a recent trip to Italy with my husband Ed, I was amazed by the bounty of bikes and scooters that had definitely been around the block a few times. Luckily, Ed is an incredible amateur photographer and I have been reflecting on several of his photos in particular.


This shot of two charming scooters is one of my favorites from Ed’s collection. They look like a couple in love, gazing fondly in the same direction. The adjacent photo of a London interior exudes a similar warmth with old, worn leather, swaths of grey curtains and wallpaper, and an exquisite antique rug.


Talk about picture perfect: lush green plants against a gorgeous golden wall with the pop of a bright white bike. This is a perfect example of mixing fresh and worn elements. This curated sitting room has a pristine chair and sofa, but also features vintage art and old wooden vases. The result is a look that is both current and charming.


This cute pink bike has seen better days, but just because it’s rusty and on its last legs doesn’t mean it’s an eyesore. Sometimes there is real beauty in decay, like in this room featuring a well-worn rug. The panache of the pink velvet sofa and mesmerizing art elevate the rug to a level of timelessness.

It seems like it’s human nature to want the newest thing, but a little history brings life and character that can’t be beat. Whether you like an eclectic mix of vintage and on trend pieces, or just want to display a couple of treasured heirlooms, imperfection can be just the thing needed to make your space perfectly you.