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How to Love Your Dining Room

By: Stephanie Andrews & Danielle Cornely

Dining rooms are totally underrated and underused. We recently spoke with a client who said they use theirs only three to five times each year! If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with that lonely extra space, we’ve got you covered. Here’s why dining rooms are as awesome as you make them.

Photo courtesy of H2 Design + Build

Photo courtesy of H2 Design + Build

1. The communal/meditative aspect. Eating together, even if it’s just 20 minutes, adds life and meaning to the room. Have conversations, tell stories, and make memories. Like to dine solo? Get the peace and quiet you deserve in a room where it’s just you and your delicious dinner.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

2. Double duty. Since your only real dining room staples are a table and chairs, you can get creative with the other pieces. Select items that turn the room into something else. Try bookcases for a library, or shelving for a bar. (Hey, why not both?)

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

3. The perfect workspace. Get a good quality, sturdy table that will allow you to wrap presents, pay bills, do homework, and spread out with ease. Include a stylish storage piece to hold all of your supplies so everything is right where you need it.

Photo courtesy of The Every Girl

Photo courtesy of The Every Girl

4. Room to show off. The dining room is the perfect place to showcase your favorite art, photos, or collections by creating a gallery wall. Let the room say something about you. Love traveling? Mount a map to foam core, and use push pins to highlight where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

5. Let the lighting say it. Whether you’re eating, working, or just hanging out, you’ll need a light fixture in your dining room that you’re proud to have as a focal point. Select a chandelier that expresses your personal style and suits your needs. Put a dimmer on it and go from an afternoon of paying bills to an evening of ambience. 

Don’t neglect your dining room. Spend some time there, get to know the space, and be creative with how you use it!

Top Five: Dining Tables

By: Danielle Cornely

As we ease into autumn and the temperature drops, we’re bound to spend more and more time inside. Winter is the time of year when your dining table is really put to the test, with family gatherings and big meals. Now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your old table to something that really makes a statement. These five are sure to impress your guests!

dining table bigger

The Cherner Oval Table at Design Within Reach is all smooth lines. No sharp corners here! Even the legs curl into the walnut veneer tabletop, creating a striking yet gentle look.

dining table bigger2

Looking for something that makes a serious impact without being too avant-garde? The Louie-Marie table from Roche Bobois is as elegant as it is functional. If the over 8.5 feet tabletop still isn’t quite big enough, don’t worry! This gorgeous table extends an additional two feet.


Room and Board’s Saarinen Table by Italian designer Eero Saarinen, in true modernist fashion, is all about form. Without unnecessary multiple legs, this sleek, sculptural table is a work of art.


The Baer Table from Welborne Henson, a local Atlanta maker, is simple and simply stylish. The solid tabletop will hold strong during the barrage of house guests, and the slightly curved legs distinguish this piece in a subtle yet noticeable way.



If you want your dining table to be the center of attention, look no further than the Morotai Table by Carlo. Beautiful, dark tones slowly morph into golden hues on a unique and unforgettable shape.

With colder temperatures moving in, the dining tables we neglected over the summer in favor of picnics and backyard cookouts will see much more use. Make sure it’s a piece you love!