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Abstraction and Color: Stonewashed Indigo Linens

By: Danielle Clockel

Abstract expressionism divides people like no other art genre — you either love it or you hate it. I personally love any art that moves me when I see it, and makes an impact on the space it inhabits. Let’s consider Mark Rothko’s color field paintings.


Mark Rothko “Green on Blue.

A key player in the abstract expressionist movement (right alongside Jackson Pollack), Mark Rothko’s massive canvases of color are meant to be viewed up close and personal. They are so big that they surround you and engulf your peripheral vision, transforming the act of viewing into a complete experience. I can only imagine immersing myself in the cool blue and distressed texture of “Green on Blue” here.


Photo courtesy of House of Baltic Linen.

The beauty of abstraction is that it’s up to the viewer to decide what they see. For me, Rothko’s painting evokes soft, stonewashed linen bedding. The deep indigo hues intermeshed with worn-yet-bright whites make me want to float off into a cool, calming dreamland.

Design Challenge: Shelby’s Bedroom

By: Shelby Adamson Pawlak

As interior designers, it’s our job to take our client’s needs, incorporate our design knowledge, and create beautiful spaces. But we are not perfect, and often have trouble applying this expertise to our own homes. Meet my bedroom:

Shelby Room 1

Shelby Room 3

Living in town has its perks but bedroom space is limited. My small ranch home’s bedroom accommodates a queen bed, two small nightstands, and a dresser and/or vanity. My wish list for my bedroom would be to have a headboard, mounted nightstands (the bed has drawer storage below that pulls out), pendant lights, and an organized vanity area with a mirror.

Shelby Room 2

As you can see, this dated dresser is a bit of an eyesore and does not allow for much jewelry storage. I would like this space to be at a vanity height with a mirror and alternative storage options for my jewelry and my husband’s items (wedding ring, watch, keys).

The challenge is for each of our designers here at Balance Design to review my Pinterest boards and wish list, and create a full design concept for me. It will be interesting to see them incorporate my style and request for a functional and sleek bedroom, but also put their own creative spin on it.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in next week’s blog!

5 Tips to Get Your House Market Ready

By: Stephanie Andrews

Spring is glorious in Atlanta! This is one of the best times to consider putting your home on the market. As designers, we often work with realtors to apply a critical eye and suggest changes that will make a home sell quickly (and at the highest price). So, if you’re selling your home, how can you set it apart from the pack? Here’s some tips and tricks for staging your home that can make a huge difference to potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

Photo courtesy of Thai Home.

1. Curb appeal: That first impression (whether online or in person) can really make it or break it, so attention to detail is crucial. That means the trim is painted and clean, the yard is raked, cut and trimmed, the porch or entry has a new mat, and there are colorful seasonal flowers adorning the yard and doorway.  Make it beckon “Welcome Home!”

clean and lighting

Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My.

 2. Cleaning and lighting: You want everyone that sees your home to say “WOW, this home has been well taken care of!” This might mean hiring a professional cleaner. Regardless, it’s important to pay attention to those often overlooked areas: floors, trim, corners, and cabinetry. Lighting is extremely important — not only does it provide a bright, airy feeling, but when lights are out, the house looks shabby. Make sure you have working bulbs!

Clear Surfaces

Photo courtesy of Houzz.

3. Clear off flat surfaces: Our rule of thumb is no more than three accessories on a dresser, table, or console. This could be a lamp, a vase, and/or something pretty like a candle. On bookshelves, bring everything to the front of the shelves and arrange according to size. In the kitchen, leave only visually pleasing, useful items on the countertop (but keep them to a minimum). Don’t worry if the space seems a bit stark — it’s better than clutter.

Bedding Towels

Photo courtesy of Top Home Designs.

4. Bedding and linens: Check your bedrooms and baths to make sure the towels and bedding are clean and new looking. When in doubt about color, go with white; it’s a classic that looks fresh and clean.


Photo courtesy of Style Motivation.

5. Florals: As a finishing touch, add a bouquet of tulips to the dining table. (Okay, we may be a little partial to tulips but you can choose your favorite flowers.) It may seem like a small gesture, but it tells potential buyers that you have taken the time to make your home look its best.

A final piece of advice from a realtor friend: “Keep your home clean and immaculate because you are trying to sell it, not live in it!”

Color Obsession: Mineral Greens

By: Danielle Cornely

This season’s colors pay homage to an often forgotten but pretty incredible palette: earth minerals. We’re seeing soft greens, crystal pinks, and light, earthy neutrals. Our favorite happens to be the greens, from soft mint to vibrant malachite. Here’s how to harness their power:

chrysophase necklace

A statement necklace in a subdued yet striking color, this J. Cotter design is the perfect way to always have healing stones on hand.


Emerald isn’t the only kind of green that looks great on sofas. Try out a saturated mint for a fresh feel.


This faded jade rug could easily be paired with other on-trend colors like blush or soft gold.


Soothe yourself to sleep in cool sage linen bedding.

Malachite art

This malachite wall art displays the natural beauty of green minerals, many of which are said to have healing properties.

Let nature inspire you this season with gem and mineral tones. Use soft hues for a calming environment, or amp up the energy with bolder, richer colors.