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4 Standout Statement Hardware Pieces

By: The Balance Design Team

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by Instagram and Pinterest photos of your ideal home. Where do you even start on your own home!? Sometimes a little detail can go a long way. A drawer pull, for example, isn’t just a handle — it can also be a focal point. We celebrate when function gives way to beautiful form! Here’s just a few standout pieces that have caught our eye.

Photo courtesy of Lotus Dardware.

These modern pastel leather knobs and pulls are to DYE for! This collection would easily give new life to a kitchen bar area, a dresser, or even a mudroom. And they’re so reasonably priced!

Photo courtesy of House of Antique Hardware.

We love intricate details in unexpected places. Typically, one might overlook a humble door hinge, but this one’s beautiful antique living finish highlights the circa 1880 Eastlake-style floral pattern. Topped with an architectural steeple, this hinge turns a simple door into an intentional style detail.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

Updating your exterior door hardware is a great way to instantly add character and curb appeal to your home (without breaking the bank). We absolutely love the clean lines and layered finishes of this art nouveau-inspired brass door knocker from Anthropologie. Door knockers are like jewelry for your front door, and this one in particular is a welcoming statement to visitors before they even set foot into your home.


Photo courtesy of House of Antique Hardware.

Window sashes are not necessarily a spot you’d think to put unique hardware. But adorn them with this stunning brass cast sash lift and you’re sure to elevate your windows’ style (haha see what we did there?). It’s ornate enough to catch your eye, yet classic enough to fit in more than one style of home. Fancy that!

When choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets, your front door, or that special antique dresser, make sure to choose something that speaks to you and will be cherished for many, many uses!


A Well Worn Rug

By: Stephanie Andrews


Custom designed rug by Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.

So many of our room designs begin with the rug as inspiration. The choices are endless and evoke different looks based on their color, pattern, and material. If the budget allows, we prefer to start with a hand knotted wool rug. A piece of this quality creates the foundation for the room and if well made, will be able to be passed on for generations.

We have a fierce love of vintage rugs. They add another dimension because they are typically one of a kind, and have a patina that can make a room feel authentic and global. We encourage you to embrace the slight tatters or discoloration of a vintage rug. Although many can be repaired, sometimes it’s precisely these imperfections that make a design really special.


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Of course we love our local rug vendors here in Atlanta — they have an amazing selection, educate us on their products, and keep us coming back again and again. That being said, this Detroit-based company is kind of blowing us away as well!


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Don’t let your rug be the last part of a room you consider. Start with a rug you adore and go from there! A really special one can pull a whole room together, spotlight a piece of furniture, and provide a welcome reprieve for little puppy feet.


Antique rug, Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.