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Clearly Chic: Transparent Furniture

By: Danielle Cornely

Photo courtesy of Savvy Home.

Photo courtesy of Savvy Home.

It’s July, it’s hot, and we all want a nice, cool place to lounge in until autumn. Clear furniture keeps your space feeling open and airy, whether you’re in a studio apartment or a multi-room home.


H Studio’s Verona Chair is sleek and stylish without sacrificing comfort. A clear back and legs support a customizable upholstered seat.


Just because you want to keep your space organized doesn’t mean you can’t still put your treasures on display. This acrylic chest will help you stay tidy without bulky opaque containers.


Ghostly and ethereal, this translucent table mimics the delicate folds of cloth.


Love the lucite look but still need some color in your life? Try this acrylic table from Emmanuelle Moureaux for a funky, unique solution.


Don’t worry, fellow edgy furniture lovers — clear furniture can still be fierce. The Frequency Cabinet by Mattia Bonetti may be made from clear acrylic, but its gold-plated brass spikes make it impossible to miss.

Acrylic and lucite are classic yet modern, and a perfect solution for when your space is starting to feel a little heavy and oppressive (like mid-summer in Georgia).