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A Nook to Read In

By: Stephanie Andrews

Photography by Christina Wedge for Balance Design.

Sometimes you just want a spot to steal away and lose yourself in a good book. Such was the case for our client in Atlanta’s historic Druid Hills neighborhood. The upstairs landing was the perfect spot for a cozy reading nook, complete with a custom built-in for her collection of books. A mid century chair and ottoman atop a colorful sari silk rug inspired our client to arrange her books by color, creating a cheerful rainbow effect.

Before and After: A Grant Park Transformation

By: Shelby Adamson

A recent renovation project of ours in the historic Grant Park neighborhood has us beaming with pride. The owners brought us in to update their home’s basic “quick flip” builder look into something clean, modern, and perfect for displaying art as well as entertaining guests. To achieve this, we focused on the kitchen and living room.



We refreshed the walls and cabinets in Benjamin Moore White Dove, which allowed the backsplash tile to really steal the show (more on that in a bit). For the all important countertops, we chose a quartz with a cement look, which allows our clients to cook and entertain without the worry of staining. As an added bonus, we extended the peninsula to accommodate more seating.



Okay. About this tile. It’s definitely one of our favorite aspects of this project. We accentuated the geometric form with a navy grout to really make each piece pop off the wall. We’re obsessed! The deep sink with industrial stainless black faucet completes the modernization of the space, creating a beautiful kitchen that’s a thrill to cook in.



While we loved the idea of a living room mantle for this home, the existing one was a bit ill-fitting and didn’t really add any warmth or wow-factor. Our client loved the look of walnut wood cladding, so we chose a similarly beautiful poplar wood and stained it walnut for cost efficiency (with no sacrifice on style). We worked with the asymmetry of the room by adding a cozy reading nook to the left of the fireplace, and storage to the right.



The rest of the living room is layered with geometric rugs, a rich, warm cognac leather sofa, latticed coffee table, and modern arc reading lamp. It’s updated, inviting, and super comfy — a welcoming sight when you walk through the front door.

Our clients now have a space that is perfect for their guests, whether they’re congregating in the kitchen to cook a delicious meal or lounging in the living room with a craft cocktail. And those clean, soft white walls are the perfect base to showcase their art collection.

What Have You Done For Your Home Lately?

By: The Balance Design Team

Over the past few months as we worked diligently to curate the studio for our Modern Pastels collection, a few members of our team were inspired to take another look at their own spaces — some resulting in more elaborate transformations than others.


Adding real plants in my home has transformed my space. Not only does it feel cozier, they’re also great for improving indoor air quality, reducing background noise, and creating an overall feeling of well-being.


For spring/summer, I wanted to freshen up my front yard (which was looking a bit tired after the wet winter). I added movement to the landscape with a little curve in the grass, revitalized the ground with fresh mulch, and brought in new plants to fill in the gaps in the existing shrubbery. Now when I come home from work, I feel like my yard is smiling at me and welcoming me home.


My husband and I have been tackling projects around the house for the past few months in preparation for selling our home in the next year or so. The exterior quickly rose to the top of the to-do list, since updating lighting and adding unique address numbers can really bump up the curb appeal. Being an avid DIYer, I cut down an old IKEA counter top remnant and stained it to use as the perfect backdrop for my new modern address numbers. I also switched out our old light fixture for a simpler one that much better compliments this new plaque. It’s amazing what a little modification can do!


After much consideration, I decided to sell all of my living room furniture — yes, all of it! After purging the room and living with the empty space, I slowly began bringing in items that I LOVE. I created an inspiration board filled with pieces that really inspired me, and I’m gradually pulling my living room together piece by piece. This is that inspiration board — stay tuned for final photos!

Improving your home can be as simple as adding a few plants, or as grand as a complete redo of your living room. Although starting the process can be daunting, the reward of creating an environment in your home that you fully enjoy is always worth it. Our homes are in a constant state of evolution, just as we are. What changes do you have in store for your home?

Modern Pastels: A Look at Our Artists

We’re celebrating two local women artists at our spring/summer open house tonight! Jeni Stallings-Scialabba and Courtney Khail are classically trained, incredibly talented, and their different styles compliment rather than compete with each other.

Jeni’s encaustic art is an expression of the natural world as it relates to the spiritual. As she puts it: “I believe that we are constant patterns echoing throughout nature. To see ourselves as separate from our environment is false and destructive. On the other hand, in observing and appreciating nature, we experience balance and healing.”We couldn’t agree more, and are moved by the depth, layers, and meaning behind her art.

Courtney’s watercolor and ink paintings explore her fascination “with the metaphorical talents of flowers — specifically their ability to capture and reflect the complexities and juxtapositions present within each of us.” With a background in scientific illustration, her work combines expressive and intricate line work with abstracted color and form. We find Courtney’s work both exhilarating and surprising.

Have we sparked your interest? Come out to our studio tonight for our spring/summer open house and meet these talented artists! Share this evening with us and enjoy food, drinks, and fun!

Balance Design

1653 McLendon Ave

Atlanta, GA 30307

7pm – 9pm

2019 Spring/Summer Open House: Modern Pastels

By: The Balance Design Team

Consider this your official invitation to our spring/summer open house! On Friday May 17th from 7pm – 9pm, we’ll unveil our two new featured artists: Jeni Stallings-Scialabba and Courtney Khail. The use of modernized pastel hues in Jeni’s ethereal encaustic figures and Courtney’s lively watercolor flowers surprised us and captivated our imaginations.

Come celebrate spring with us and see this new collection at 1653 McLendon Avenue — we’ll have food, drinks, and great conversation. We’ll see you there!