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2020 Interior Design Trends

by the Balance Design Team

As we embark on a new decade, the Balance Design team felt the pressure this year to determine the interior design trends that we believe were not only noteworthy but exciting as well.  Each member chose a trend that they were drawn to and eager to incorporate in their future designs.

Stephanie’s pick: Integrated Home Technology

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

This trend may make you chuckle, but personally I have resisted technology since the age of the pager.  That being said, most high-end luxury designs will need to consider integrating technology into the home.  Some of my favorites are hidden speakers and lighting, automated window treatments, ambient lighting controlled by a wifi device, and sleek TV’s camouflaged as a piece of art (my personal favorite being the Samsung Frame TV).  The fact that our TV’s can not only entertain us but act as a realistic piece of art is brilliant!

Shelby’s Pick: Plaster Showers

Photo courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect

As designers, we always encourage our clients to design for the age and architectural style of their home.  We try to stay ahead of the trends by pointing out interesting movements that we see in the design world that stand out to us.  Recently, I have been drawn to plaster showers.  I love a good tile pattern in the bath, but there is something to be said about this thousand year old technique that allows for a serene and grout-less look.  Plaster can be tinted to a hue of your liking and is actually quite sustainable.

Margo’s Pick: Animal Print Upholstered Furniture

Photo courtesy of Schumacher

Nothing adds a personal stamp on an otherwise traditional space like a stunning conversational piece. When used sparingly and purposefully on furnishings and home accents, animal prints can actually bring a heightened sense of vibrancy to any space. Historically, animal furs represented luxury and elegance. Today, we lust over lush, replica fabrics that showcase the same eye-catching, exotic beauty with a touch of whimsy.

Melody’s Pick: Textured Wallpaper

Photo courtesy of Maya Romanoff

Incorporating natural materials in new and innovative ways is a trend that we will also continue to see this year. I love how wood, stone and even shells are being integrated onto wall treatments in particular. This Maya Romanoff wallpaper utilizes natural capiz shells to create an otherworldly iridescence in the bath room. Beautiful!

As designers we have considered both the whimsical and the deliberate interior design trends for 2020.  We would love to get your feedback on these concepts!  Feel free to let us know your thoughts and willingness to incorporate any of these design trends into your home.  Happy 2020 friends!

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5 Ways to Incorporate the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year into Your Space!

by Stephanie Andrews

Each year we anticipate what the Pantone Color of the Year is going to be.  This color is a trend predictor of what we will be seeing in both fashion and home accessories.  For 2020, the Pantone Institute has selected a color that they named Classic Blue.

Photo courtesy of Pantone

As we enter a new decade with feelings of uncertainty in our upcoming elections, global warming, and other daunting issues, Pantone seems to be trying to reassure us by choosing the color Classic Blue.  The Pantone Institute describes this color as calming and timeless.  We liked both the name and the comfort (like a pair of our favorite, well worn jeans) of this color, so it was not hard for us to embrace.  See how we have used the color in some of our favorite designs and learn how to incorporate this into your own space!

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel

1.  Use Classic Blue on an accent chair or incorporate it into the trim on your window treatments.

This historic Druid Hills home had beautiful Persian rugs layered throughout the space.  We found that Classic Blue cooled the warm red tones and helped to relay a timeless style.

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel

2.  A Classic Blue area rug can help to add a calm feeling to your home.

This over-dyed Classic Blue rug offsets the whiskey leather and wood tones in this masculine sitting room located in midtown Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel

3.  A Classic Blue vessel or upholstered arm chair in your dining room.

This Asian inspired ginger jar was the perfect item to layer on the dining table to compliment the greek key upholstered arm chair in this classic Druid Hills dining room.

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge & Danielle Clockel

4.  Add some Classic Blue wallpaper to an accent wall or even an entire room!

We loved that Classic Blue wallpaper adds an eclectic and whimsical feeling to help build a room’s personality!  We used Hygge & West wallpaper on both the curved stairwell and in the powder room.

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge & Danielle Clockel

5.  Add Classic Blue cabinetry to your kitchen.

We love how the Classic Blue island and cabinet storage boxes added to both kitchens’ clean and classic looks.  These beautiful yet functional work spaces were exactly what our clients were looking for when remodeling their homes.

Be on the lookout for this color in the year ahead and consider utilizing it in your own home, in any capacity!  It may help to make life a bit calmer in 2020!

Happy New Year!



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Happy New Year

by the Balance Design team

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

A time to be quiet
A time to reflect
On all that has occurred and all that is possible
Our wish is that your New Year is full,
Of love, hope, and joy
As the years quickly pass we encourage you to slow,
And remember to enjoy each moment
Happy New Year from the Balance Design team

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Happy Holidays from Balance Design

Photo Courtesy of Liz Stubbs Photography

As we end the year, we would like to express our gratitude to you- our readers, our clients, our vendors, our friends, our families (and our pups) for your enthusiasm and collaboration.
Wishing you a holiday season full of joy, peace and unconditional love.
The Balance Design team

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A Morningside Dining Room Comes To Life

By Jennifer Carter

Inspired by one of our favorite clients’ love of modern design and whimsical collection of animal sculptures, this dining room was definitely one for the books this year! We wanted to create a fun, yet inviting space to welcome guests and set the tone for the rest of this incredible Morningside home.

Meant to draw your eye into the space, a rich jewel-toned textured grass cloth was the first element installed onto the farthest wall of the room. We then continued the layering process by hanging a contrasting playful set of colorful hand-embroidered curtain panels hung from brushed brass drapery hardware.


The simplicity of the client’s existing white marble top Saarinen tulip table was then warmed up by a set of shapely, walnut framed chairs upholstered in a stonewashed navy blue canvas fabric. Lastly, a cozy textured wool rug with a modern leaf motif was added to anchor the space and play off of the nature-inspired curtains.

All in all, this room is a prime example of a little advice that we hope all of our readers, admirers and clients can take away for the new year. When designing a scheme for any room in your home, don’t be afraid to mix and layer textures, colors, materials and even metal finishes with existing treasured pieces in your home to create cohesive, inviting spaces where you and your guests want to linger and enjoy each other’s company.

XOXO and Happy Holidays!