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Wanderlust: Architectural Wonderment

Wanderlust: Architectural Wonderment

By: The Balance Design Team

It’s travel season, folks, and that means different things to different people. Some are looking for rest and relaxation on a picturesque beach. Others take to the mountains for hiking and outdoor adventures. And then there are the architecture fans: those of us who choose our destination based on the location’s unique, historic, and beautiful buildings and structures. Here’s a few on our list.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, should be on everyone’s travel list. Built in 1609, this still-practicing mosque has five main domes and is stunning both inside and out.  The colors of the tile, the arched ceilings, and of course the red rug stir our hearts.

While you’re in Turkey, don’t miss the Grand Bazaar. This is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, so yeah, you could spend days here.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Barcelona’s incredible architecture is something out of a fantasy. Casa Milà at sunset provides an unforgettable view.

Photo Courtesy of City Wonders

Park Güell is another of architect Anton Gaudi’s nature-inspired masterpieces. Fun fact: Gaudi lived in one of the residences here! The color and curves are childhood dreams come to life.

Photo Courtesy of Koamas Travel

The Maldives off the coast of India are the epitome of a dreamy island getaway. So what kind of amazing architecture could you encounter there? Envision a tranquil villa with a calm aesthetic, peaceful color palette, and a glass floor — enough said.

Photo Courtesy of Maldives Finest

Or what about a cozy minimalist interior with an open-access deck that lends itself to a perfect sunset view? Home away from home BLISS.

Hopefully we’ve been able to add to your bucket list and inspire you to venture to new places. Happy travels — and please share your photos with us!