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Textile Artists You NEED to Know.

Textile Artists You NEED to Know.

By: Danielle Cornely

Textiles are more than just fabrics for curtains and furniture; there’s a whole genre of art dedicated to turning fibers into beautiful and engaging creations.


Kate Keara Pelen gives needlework a gorgeous modern makeover with her abstract embroidered creations.


UK based Etsy shop Sew Sarah Walton’s illustrative textiles look remarkably like hand drawn artwork.


Colors and woven fibers blending fluidly into each other are the hallmark of Mimi Jung’s textile sculptures and wall hangings.


Master carpenter + textile artist with a fashion background = textural wonderland of wood, metal, fiber, and reclaimed materials (officially known as All Roads studio in Los Angeles).


Chung-Im Kim’s voluminous wall hangings combine shape, texture, and pattern to create an immersive experience.

Looking for something modern, unique, and three dimensional to decorate your space? Consider textile art as an alternative to a traditional painting or photograph.