The Perfect Temp Job (for your walls) - Design Pulp
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The Perfect Temp Job (for your walls)

The Perfect Temp Job (for your walls)

By: Kate Donnelly

We are wild about wallpaper this week, and we aren’t talking about the kind that’s in your grandmother’s den. Today’s wallpaper is dynamic, bold, bright, and easier than ever! There are countless varieties of removable wallpaper on the market, which is a welcome relief to those who rent, or simply worry about committing to a wallpaper forever. Here are some we love:

wallpaper 5 wnl

Birch Trees by AceentuWall

wallpaper 1 wnl

Modern Triangles by Walls Need Love

wallpaper 3 bp

Yellow Star Print by Betapet

wallpaper 4 bp

White Navy by AccentuWall

wallpaper 6

Brewster by Sherwin Williams

wallpaper 7

Fantastical Floral by Walls Need Love