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What We Love About Our Homes: #bdhomelove

By: The Balance Design Team

Throughout the month of February, we’re celebrating the love of one’s home, no matter what form it takes. To kick things off, each member of our team chose the spot (or item) in their home that fills their heart with love and appreciation. As expected, the results were as diverse as each of us!

Stephanie’s Home Love

One of the most exciting things about design is having a concept or detail you really connect with, and then working to bring it to life in the entirety of the space. This was certainly true for me when I redid my master bath shower — I saw a photo in a magazine of an all black tile shower with a curved curb, and I fell in love with the art nouveau look. The process of getting my own classic black hex tile to line up perfectly was tough, and it took a lot of time considering it’s a detail many people would probably overlook entirely, but I adore it. Along with the natural stone black mica tile walls, my shower is a completely unique and refreshing experience in my morning routine.

Danielle’s Home Love

My philosophy is this: if you don’t love it, don’t let it in your life. This goes for clothes, people, art, and especially furniture. Sometimes this means having less than you expected, but as a minimalist and anti-materialist I believe this makes the things you do have all the more meaningful. Couple this philosophy with my love of sustainability and resourcefulness and you’ve got a gal who will visit the same thrift store every weekend for six months waiting for the perfect piece to appear on the floor. Sometimes, however, that perfect piece just falls into your lap. This incredible mid century credenza was left on the sidewalk outside my building one Saturday morning. As I passed by on my morning walk with my dog, I was immediately skeptical that it had been abandoned. Surely no one would leave behind such a beauty! Certainly the rightful owners would appear shortly to load it onto some unseen moving truck. But no, this did not occur, and after 20 or so minutes of a covert stakeout from the lobby of my building, I pounced. Now this lovely lady graces my living room and proudly displays some of my favorite antique cameras, cast iron kettle, collected/gifted art, and a very tiny TV. In a home full of rescued, refurbished, and 100% secondhand furnishings, she fits right in.

Melody’s Home Love

Dubbed the “Turkish Room,” this is my absolute favorite spot in my house. It is my quiet place early in the morning to sip my coffee, and my safe space when I want to feel closer to my mother. I can feel the love in this room each time I set foot inside. Normally, I’m the person who feels like the more color the better, however the creamy color palette in here is perfectly ethereal. Each and every item has significance to my family; certain pieces my parents collected through their travels, while others have been handed down in my family since Ottoman times. They give this room an energy that is full of heritage, tranquility, and love. While a lot of people may love to celebrate the new things in their homes, in this case I celebrate the old.

Shelby’s Home Love

In the past year, we acquired an antique upright piano and it has really transformed my outlook on our home. We are limited on space, living in a mid century ranch, but I really loved the idea of creating a music area in my home. The front room off of our living room currently hosts this 1970 Emerson upright piano, which sits across from a mid century credenza that houses a small bar and my husband’s record player. (Did I mention we painted the room studio green by Farrow & Ball? Major upgrade.) This small space brings me joy and encourages me to not only cherish my space but to learn new skills — and playing the piano is on my list!

Jennifer’s Home Love

When I think of the one space in my home that brings me the most joy, I actually find myself gravitating outdoors. Our back deck has become an extension of both our living and dining areas, especially during the warmer months. I find gardening to be very therapeutic, and a collection of mix-match pots and tranquil fountains have become the perfect vessels for designing little vignettes that are easy to maintain. By pairing brightly colored annual and perennial flowers and plants together in varying heights and textures, we’ve been able to create the perfect backdrop for attracting as many butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds as possible. The addition of the fountains this past summer and the soothing element of sound they provide has only added to the tranquility we find ourselves craving after long days spent indoors.

Whether your happy place is a whole room, a special piece of furniture, or even an outside area, your home should bring you peace and happiness. We’re taking this month to celebrate all the things we love in our own spaces — what’s your favorite spot in yours?

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