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The Femme Flat

By: The Balance Design Team

While many of us happily share our homes with a spouse/partner/children/etc., this means we have to consider their needs as well as ours. We hear a lot about “man caves” nowadays and how men need them as a retreat in their shared space. As a currently all women team, we know how important this concept is for us as well! Each of us had our own idea of a perfect “lady lair.”

Stephanie’s pick:

Photo courtesy of Houzz.

I believe an amazing bathroom is the perfect wise woman retreat. Who doesn’t love getting warm with a bath and a cup of tea on a cold winter day? This minimal space with a maximum tub is calling to me. The waterfall faucet sound, the natural wall, and the bubble chandelier create ultimate zen.

Elisabeth’s pick:

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

I covet my alone time and try try try to find space to create, paint, build whatever masterpiece is in my head, or just doodle in the sunlight. This dream studio only requires 2′ stone walls, a French countryside view, and an indoor mature tree…no problem! But seriously, every woman deserves to carve out some space for creativity with good light and greenery. Next step is to USE it: for strength and the soul.

Shelby’s pick:

Photo courtesy of Viral Nova.

An organic space for girlfriends to gather, feel comfortable, and celebrate each other is essential. If I had my say, this space would be a beautiful platform deck overlooking green grass, a gravel fire pit in the corner, and outdoor lights draped from the trees. This whimsical space would include a table setting with cold rose on ice and tasty bites on beautiful graphic/floral platters. The lawn would be comfortably strewn with blankets and pillows, all pointed towards an outdoor movie screen showing anything from The Notebook to college football. (I don’t discriminate!)

Danielle’s pick:

Photo courtesy of Domino.

I don’t think you can overstate the importance of the bedroom. Personally, it’s where I hang out most to read, watch Netflix, cuddle with my cat and dog, and just shut out the world to enjoy time alone (I think my fellow single gals can especially relate to this). That means this space needs to be all about comfort. We want to flop onto the bed at the end of a long workday and be enveloped in a swirl of soft linens and cloud-like pillows (a move I call the “blanket burrito”). Nothing says “snuggle in and forget your worries” like soft greys, deep blues, worn linens, and chunky knits. And let’s not forget a good fuzzy rug for your lil’ footsies.

Melody’s pick:

Photo courtesy of Echo Brickell.

Let’s talk about my dream closet. I know I’m not alone in saying my dream house includes a massive closet with organizational space for everything I own. A space for purses, shoes, jewelry, a spot to sit and read or paint my toes, and most importantly ample space for clothes. To really go over the top, of course, a massive chandelier and the stunning marble compliment the breathtaking view. It’s somewhere I would never want to leave.

Whether you’re a single gal with free design reign or a busy matriarch trying to carve out a spot for herself, it’s important to have a space that is yours and yours alone. This spot should bring you peace amongst chaos, and be a retreat for the mind and spirit.

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