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Scout Pop Up Shop: Vintage Rugs Galore!

By: Scout Vintage Rugs

Stephanie, Mia, and Lailee — we are Scout Vintage Rugs! Our business started when we realized we shared an obsession for Persian and Turkish rugs. We also happened to share a “problem”; between the three of us, we’d accumulated (some might say, hoarded!) way more vintage rugs than we could actually use. So we decided to start sharing our love for these beautiful pieces with others and showing people how to use them in their own homes.

No longer consigned to the formal living room, Persian and Turkish rugs are finally being used the way they were intended — to ground family life. We put them in our kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. We let our kids play on them. Scout rugs are beautifully timeworn, retaining traces of the artists that weaved them and the families that lived on them. They are a connection to the past, a soulful addition to our modern homes. And they are just plain ol’ gorgeous.

We’d love to see you at our pop-up at the Balance Design Studio, Oct 21-22. Come by to shop or say hi! And if you’d like to see our rugs another time or try them out in your home, let us know.

Cherished Treasures + Custom Creations = Happy Place!

By: Shelby Adamson Pawlak

Photography by Danielle Clockel for Balance Design.

Our clients’ vision is the most important factor in our designs. While we want to fill their home with beautiful furnishings, we find the best way to keep the space true to their personality is by combining new pieces with their own cherished items. Books, art, keepsakes from travels, and family heirlooms are always considered as part of the final design. This client has an incredible collection of vintage kilim rugs, handwoven textiles, and even a plague doctor’s mask. With these curated pieces as a starting point, we selected a vintage over-dyed rug under a saddle leather lounge and created custom graphic window panels to pull the look together. We love to inspire our clients with art and furnishings, but we love it even more when they inspire us!

A Well Worn Rug

By: Stephanie Andrews


Custom designed rug by Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.

So many of our room designs begin with the rug as inspiration. The choices are endless and evoke different looks based on their color, pattern, and material. If the budget allows, we prefer to start with a hand knotted wool rug. A piece of this quality creates the foundation for the room and if well made, will be able to be passed on for generations.

We have a fierce love of vintage rugs. They add another dimension because they are typically one of a kind, and have a patina that can make a room feel authentic and global. We encourage you to embrace the slight tatters or discoloration of a vintage rug. Although many can be repaired, sometimes it’s precisely these imperfections that make a design really special.


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Of course we love our local rug vendors here in Atlanta — they have an amazing selection, educate us on their products, and keep us coming back again and again. That being said, this Detroit-based company is kind of blowing us away as well!


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Don’t let your rug be the last part of a room you consider. Start with a rug you adore and go from there! A really special one can pull a whole room together, spotlight a piece of furniture, and provide a welcome reprieve for little puppy feet.


Antique rug, Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.

Patriotic Party Time: Happy Fourth of July!

By: Danielle Cornely

We love a good old fashioned summer cookout, and Fourth of July is the perfect time to get everyone together for a big party. As with any party, half the fun is the decorating. But with this holiday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of stars and stripes and not know how to pull it all together. Don’t worry, America, we’re here for you.


Photo courtesy of Domino Magazine

A sturdy table, aged wood accents, and the American flag elevate this from a simple nautical look to a classically patriotic outdoor bar.


Photo courtesy of Denim Do Over

If this doesn’t say “summery Fourth of July fun,” we don’t know what does. The woven placemat and adorable denim flatware holder add rustic style to the flag plates and vintage-look utensils.


Photo courtesy of My Painted Garden

Nothing like the perfect patina of a vintage bike to take you on an instant nostalgia trip. Here, the blue of the bike paired with the red flowers and little flags says “Happy Fourth!” in a sweetly vintage way.

It’s easy to collect items to create a sophisticated, patriotic look for your own space using pieces from yard sales, thrift stores, or even online.


1. Serena and Lily pinstripe pillows in red and white are a subtle yet noticeable tribute to the flag on Fourth of July.
2. Raffia placemats from Serena and Lily are a great way to create a summery vibe on any table.
3. Really get a nostalgic feel with antique silverware on your table.
4. Serena and Lily hurricane holders are the perfect lighting for wistful summer evenings.
5. Whether being used as a buffet table, a place for guests to dine, or even a makeshift bar, nothing beats a solid reclaimed wood trestle table for bustling get-togethers.
6. Can you really have a classic summer party without pinwheels? We didn’t think so.
7. A vintage bike can be blissful transportation as well as a creative place to hang streamers, put up a banner, or add some flowers.
8. Nothing says old school like a (very) vintage flag. Celebrate the history of the holiday with a Betsy Ross style flag.