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How to Take Back your Desk!

By: John Hunt
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Does this look familiar to you? No matter how hard you try, the clutter and disarray of everyday life builds up around you. Bills, invitations, coupons, clipped recipes, photographs and articles about home-improvement projects pile up around you, threatening to bury you. All are necessary evils of day-to day life. Regardless of those good-meaning New Year’s resolutions, you may have not made any headway. Here are some great tips and ideas to get it together before it makes you crazy!

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1. Declare a Home Office Area.

No matter how big or how small, declare one area of your home the “office-command central” (and no, it cannot be the kitchen counter!) Not everyone has the square footage to devote an entire room, but you need a set aside a place devoted to running your life. A nook under the stairs, a converted armoire that no longer hides a television, a seldom-used closet are all likely candidates for this project. And trust me, you will be glad that you did!

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2. Toss It! No, Really. Toss It!

One of the main reasons people NEED to organize their office is because they
are either afraid to or unwilling to throw anything away. Seriously, you have to.
Haven’t looked at last year’s holiday magazines? Recycle them. Have a whole
stack of kid’s drawings? Choose a few with the kids to keep or display.
According to many organizing experts, medical bills, paystubs, and bank statements are only needed for one year. Even tax returns can be discarded after 7 years!

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3. Put a Lid On It

Even with all of the “paperless” communiqués of today’s society, we still have papers we have to keep. W-2’s, magazine articles, mailings, clipped coupons, photos of your second cousin’s new baby…..some of these things cannot be avoided. The internet (and the Container Store!) abound with useful ideas for organizing this clutter. Or why not think “outside the box”? Hunt down vintage luggage or wooden pantry boxes, or scour yard sale listings for warehouse containers. Even covering shoeboxes with old maps can do the trick, and hide that clutter from view!

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4. Read the Writing On the Wall

Don’t forget one of the most under-used areas of your office space – the walls! Chalkboards for messages, memo boards for tickets and reminders, wall shelves for storage boxes. You can fit a lot more on your wall space than you think.
This ingenious modular system by Pottery Barn, for example, has magnetic boards, shelving, ledges, even glass jars perfect for magnets, paperclips, stamps, tons of tiny treasures! Originally marketed for the kitchen, the sleek stainless components complement many decors

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5. Still Perplexed? Call Us!

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Balance Design is listening to our clients’ needs and helping them resolve their problems. We have designed office spaces that run the gauntlet…from large rooms devoted expressly to office work to re-thinking a butler’s pantry and making it work as a command center for a family. We can design and install custom built-ins, help select colors and furnishings, or suggest a floorplan that suits your needs!

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