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Design Folio: 3 Summer Design Must-Reads.

By: The Balance Design Team

Stephanie’s pick: “Nomad Deluxe” by Herbert Ypma


Photo courtesy of Assouline.

Nomad Deluxe is my dream book. I keep it on my coffee table and open it up every morning to see the location of a new place in the world, read the the well written creative description, and then look at the luscious pictures. I am the consummate traveler and lately I have been making my bucket list of places to go from this beautiful book! Today I read about Bali, Indonesia. I saw a huge stone statue of the Hindu god Ganesh overgrown with lush greenery. I also read about the Hindu nurturing culture, the Dutch colonization, and the different vibes of Ubud versus Uluwatu. Bali is definitely on the bucket list.

Shelby’s pick: “Smoke & Fire” by Holly Peterson


Photo courtesy of Assouline.

In a world of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram it is so easy to become overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated by technology. It seems that the days of cookbooks and recipe cards are all but gone. But then there is this book. I LOVE THIS BOOK! The recipes are simple, delicious, and completely easy to tackle (I can even pronounce the ingredients). The entire book is an aesthetic dream. Beautiful photos, typewriter font reminiscent of old fashioned cookbooks, and the recipes are reinvented favorites from every region.  

I love that I can turn the TV off, go outside with friends or family, and make dinner an event. Not only are we cooking delicious food, but we are having fun creating together. I will continue to use this book over and over throughout the year. It is definitely a new staple on my bookcase.

Danielle’s pick: “A Touch of Style” by Carlos Mota


Photo courtesy of Assouline.

As a former student of photography (and subsequently a major photo snob), Touch of Style is pure eye candy. Full page and double page spreads of incredibly styled environments boast Carlos Mota’s highly enviable skills. From a critical standpoint, the photos are flawless; Mota expertly plays with scale, visual weight/balance, and color impact in unexpected and exciting ways. But also, the spaces are just plain beautiful — I would love to live in any of them! This book is double threat: it’s a beautiful coffee table book that will look great and add interest, but it’s also a fantastic reference for any time you need a jolt of inspiration. 

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