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Take 5

by The Balance Design Team

It’s the five year anniversary of our brick and mortar studio in Candler Park! As we reflect on how far we’ve come, we’re also celebrating who we are — a team of five distinct individuals working together to create innovative and meaningful designs. No matter the differences in our styles and personalities, we share a common ground of five core values.

Approachability: We are friendly, relatable, and always have our clients’ best interests in mind.

Innovation: We are always learning and are not afraid to try bold new ideas.

Environmental consciousness: Our dedication as responsible stewards of our planet, are reflected throughout the decisions in our designs and business.

Community focus: We work with local artists, businesses, and craftspeople to transform the homes of our clients around Atlanta.

Curation: We add inspiring new art and furnishings from a variety of sources to supplement and transform existing rooms, rather than eliminating treasured heirlooms.

We’ve loved getting to know our clients, colleagues, and neighbors over the past five years in our Candler Park studio. We’ll share more about our core values and how they show up in our design projects in the next few weeks — stick around!

What Our Clients Are Saying: #BDhomelove

By Real Life Balance Design clients

What do our clients have to say about their own #bdhomelove? We asked what their favorite space is, and what they love about it so much. Unsurprisingly, they did not disappoint!

The Kitchen:  Where The Fun Is!

“What’s in a kitchen?  It turns out that for our home, it’s not just pots, pans, and dishes, it’s the heart of our home.  When we were searching for our home, we selected ours because the kitchen is the first thing you see when you open the door.  Our kitchen used to be dark with darker finishes, which did not lend itself to being inviting.  When it came time to revamp the look, we turned to Balance Design to make it “pop,” and pop it did!

What used to be dark and dank has become a central part of our home.  Everyone wants to be in the kitchen because of the bright light and brighter colors, and everyone loves the new ‘3-D’ tiles!  In our home, the kitchen is where the fun (and food!) is – and what better way to pass the time with people you care about, gathered around the warm and inviting space that Balance Design has created for us…the food doesn’t hurt either!”

Globally inspired Living Room

“Together with Shelby and Stephanie we have been dreaming our living room into being for several months. We hoped for rich colors and textures with a globally inspired design which could include some pieces gathered over decades of travel as well as adding new furnishings with a more updated sensibility. It has brought us such joy that with the help of Balance Design all of these elements came to fruition in the height of winter, because the true center of this room is the hearth. I am not exaggerating when I say we look forward all day long to gathering at day’s end around the blazing fire in this gorgeous deep blue room. Flanking this room on either side are rooms with floor to ceiling windows that bring in the outdoors. In contrast, this room, which has become my favorite, is womb-like, a place to retreat and regroup, a place to literally warm up, and above all else, a place to dream.”

Spa Inspired Bath

Photo courtesy of Christina Wedge

“Our friends at Balance Design helped us to create a gorgeous new spa master bath. From the opulent Ming green mosaic tile that simulates a waterfall flowing into a peaceful pool, to the rich wood flooring that brings in an organic feel, to the carefully chosen mirrors and hardware, and oh yes, the space-conscious, marble topped dressing vanity, we are absolutely in love!

Happy Valentine’s Day Balance Design! We are over the moon, and we owe it all to you!”

Inviting Lounge Space

“My husband and I absolutely adore this space. The goal was to repurpose a breakfast nook off the kitchen into an inviting lounge space, and Jennifer at Balance delivered! The green velvet sofa changes colors as the sun rises and sets, making the room take on different personalities throughout the day. In the mornings, the colors are vibrant and the room is bright and cheery – a perfect place for coffee and reading. In the evenings, the room takes on a jewel toned hue, making it the perfect spot to listen to records and have a cocktail. She was also able to help us turn some of our concert poster collection into an amazing gallery wall. This room perfectly reflects our personalities and interests.”

We love helping our clients create the relaxing, rejuvenating, comfortable home environment they’ve always wanted. Hearing from them just how much of an impact their revitalized spaces have on their lives is what our dreams are made of. What’s your #bdhomelove?

What We Love About Our Homes: #bdhomelove

by The Balance Design Team

Throughout the month of February, we’re celebrating the love of one’s home, no matter what form it takes. To kick things off, each member of our team chose the spot (or item) in their home that fills their heart with love and appreciation. As expected, the results were as diverse as each of us!

Stephanie’s Home Love

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clockel

Recently my husband and I decided to update our kitchen. It was a dark, gloomy, and dated space with drab wood cabinetry and an underwhelming tile floor. We painted the cabinets, door, and railing before adding new wood floors and wrought iron hardware. A petite cafe table and chairs allows guests to chat while a gracious host cooks up a bite to eat. The final touch, a Persian runner, was a hidden gem found at a church auction. My husband may be the better chef, but our new bright and cheerful kitchen means now at least I spend some more time there!

Margo’s Home Love

Just a few small changes to this (very) small spot in my home has helped transform my least favorite chore into a cheerful experience. Since I do not have a laundry room (let’s call it a laundry closet), I decided to switch from side-by-side machines to stackables. This change generated some much needed walk-in storage space for baskets and a laundry butler. Plus the new vibrant accent wall adds the perfect pop of personality to a previously stark space. The laundry closet is now easily one of my favorite, functional, happy parts of my cozy abode.

Shelby’s Home Love

As a kitchen and bath designer, I’m guilty of constantly editing and redesigning these rooms in my own home. Last year my husband and I finally took the plunge and renovated our guest bathroom. We tore out the tired old dingy floor tile and replaced it with a honed Bardiglio marble laid in a herringbone pattern. The shower walls are a handmade elongated subway tile with undulating surfaces reminiscent of flowing water. Clean and classic chrome fittings were the way to go, and we were able to salvage the cast iron tub. We replaced our old vanity with a wall mounted walnut veneer piece, complete with drawers for additional storage. What we were able to create on a budget brings us joy each day, and I never tire at staring at the beautiful movement in the marble and ceramic tile.

Jen’s Home Love

My entire home is an eclectic mix of vintage finds paired with modern touches, and I have to say, the vignette in my foyer is probably my favorite area to date (or at least the only space that is complete at the moment). The goal was to create a warm and inviting entry to our home where you could drop everything and still have the space look styled and organized. It all started with the stair runner that came with the house when we purchased it a few years ago. Although the rug was a bit traditional for my taste, I chose to make it work. By offsetting the stairway with an oversized round mirror and simple wood entry table for storage, this little nook started to take shape. Woven baskets were tucked underneath the table to create the perfect spot for tossing your shoes when you come in, and a smaller antique rug was added for a pop of color and interest on the floor. A large glass table lamp and small potted cactus complete the layered look and brought much needed light and greenery to the area. This room definitely makes me smile now every time I enter the front door.

Whether your happy place is a whole room, a special piece of furniture, or even an outside area, your home should bring you peace and happiness. We’re taking this month to celebrate all the things we love in our own spaces — what’s your favorite spot in yours?

Dave Lasker

by Stephanie Andrews

As we begin our focus this month on home love, we wanted to share a local artist that we really admire.  As designers, we love to introduce our clients to talented local artists and craftsmen to build their personal collections.  We were recently introduced to Dave Lasker’s sculptures and were blown away by their beauty.  In particular we loved these pieces, “White Bird Forms”, hand carved and painted in gesso, mounted on 100 year old beams.  Brought together, they take the shape of a heart.

When asked about his inspiration behind the piece, the artist noted: ‘”White Bird Forms” are inspired by nature, beauty and simplicity.  They are the bare essence of the form. Their gracefulness speaks to our harmony with nature, while also representing unique individuality.’

These beautiful sculptures are on display at Emory Hospital in Atlanta in the cardiology wing.  What an honor it must be, to be able to use your work to uplift so many people throughout the day.

Photo courtesy of Dave Lasker


Lagom in the Bedroom

by Stephanie Andrews

The Swedish word “lagom” (pronounced “lah-gom”) loosely translates to “in balance” and “having just the right amount.”

Photography courtesy of Danielle Clockel

This concept really resonates with the way we approach design — carefully curating interiors to be “just right” and not overdone. We transform the space but keep it “in balance” with our clients’ tastes, the room’s proportions, and the architectural style of the house. This guest bedroom embodies the spirit of lagom with its curated, refined touches like the custom stitching on the red velvet bench that designer Shelby Adamson worked with our favorite local seamstress to create. The custom bed pillows have just a trace of black piping, and the simple anemone blooms placed on the bedside table freshen up the atmosphere.

The spirit of lagom is essential in interior design. It’s that voice we hear in the editing process saying “just a bit less of this, just a hint more of that,” and it takes time to master! But through collaboration with talented peers, trusting our intuition, and a bit of magic, the stage is set to create a beautiful room.