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At Home: Reflections on Shelter in Place

By Stephanie Andrews

Week 8 comes to a close with this blog post. 8 weeks since our team has been together in our Candler Park studio. 8 weeks since Margo’s dog Chauncey has alternated laps and our attention. I feel a huge commitment to keep our team working through it all, even if it is not at the frenetic pace that we are accustomed. I miss the joy of being together, of bouncing ideas off each other in person, of seeing what sparks excitement in each person’s life. I am an extrovert and very empathetic at heart and I thrive off of others energy. You may say I am experiencing “quarantine fatigue”, right now. I also recognize a level of gratitude and compassion that I have developed through this experience that leads me to write this personal blog post.

Photo Courtesy of Liz Stubbs Photography

As I write this, today is Giving Tuesday. So many people sick, this unfair distribution of the virus disproportionately affecting the poor, the immune compromised and the elderly is overwhelming to know what to do to feel helpful. But doing something appears to be the one thing I can do to relieve a bit of the anxiety, the fear, and the uncertainty that I am feeling. Our neighborhood has found camaraderie in their recently developed food bank, and creating boxes of food for families in need. I am finding joy in my small service to others.

My current reading pile.

I am also finding joy in the simple things. A card game with my daughter, a walk with my husband and dog, maintenance on the house, making a menu, picnicking in the park, fire pits with best friends (at a safe distance of course), reading, journaling- the list is so long! All things that I rarely had time for before the virus. I feel a kinship with Jo in Little Women and her turn of the last century domesticities.

Photo Courtesy of Liz Stubbs Photography

This brings us to the Home and my curious reflections on the need to feel safe, comfortable and at ease in my home, especially in times like these. I want to look around my home and see beauty, feel proud of what we have done and have a sense of control in troubling times. We at Balance Design are committed to you in helping you create a home that you love, that reflects you and that you feel happy in. We are here for you, as we know that we are in this together.


Eliza Wolfe

about 3 weeks ago

Beautifully written Steph. We all have to think on the positives in our lives and try to help when we can. I know this time is making me appreciate things I took for granted, like being able to sit at a restaurant and enjoy a meal with friends and family. Going to work. Teaching Art classes, I miss that so much. Just the interaction between people is so hard to give up because we really need each other.


stephanie andrews

about 2 weeks ago

Thanks Eliza, navigating our new normal is quite the change. Hope to see you soon! Stephanie


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