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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home & Add Value: Lesson 2 – Make the Kitchen Really Cook!

By: Verena Dalati Salmé

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. As a gathering place for family and friends, it deserves to look its best. But whether you’re planning a complete renovation or just want to spruce up what you’ve got, there’s a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’ll love it forever.

1. Open it up, spread it out.

The days of hiding that avalanche of pots and pans behind walls and cabinet doors are over. Open plan kitchens allow a spacious, more collaborative cooking environment. If tearing down entire walls is not an option, consider removing sections to visually connect the kitchen to the living area. Worried about losing that valuable counter and cabinet space? Don’t be. An island can solve that problem, and now you’ve got enough room for one.

Photos courtesy of Remodelaholic and House to Home.

Photos courtesy of Remodelaholic and House to Home.

2.  Say goodbye to upper cabinets.

If opening up your kitchen space sounds like a dream come true, taking out upper cabinets can make a big difference. Open shelving is practical and beautiful, and can be achieved using a variety of materials: wood, metal, glass, you name it. If totally naked shelves aren’t your thing, just removing the doors on your cabinets can make a big impact. Paint them a complimentary color, or wallpaper the back panel. 

Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy and The Black Workshop

Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy and The Black Workshop

3.  Upgrade that countertop.

While you can’t really go wrong with a natural stone countertop, there’s plenty of newcomers that are worth a look. You’d be amazed how easy wooden countertops can be to maintain. They come in a variety of grain types and finishes that allow them to work with different looks and styles. If you like a more industrial look, the concrete obsession has shifted from floors to countertops. Don’t forget stainless steel—perfect for your inner Top Chef. 

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Casa.com

Photos courtesy of Rue Daily and Casa.com

4.  Go minimal with the backsplash.

Busy backsplashes with different shaped tiles, grout lines, and overly designed installation patterns can cause visual clutter. Keep it simple by continuning the material of the countertop up the wall. This creates a seamless and integrated look, and makes cleaning so much easier! Subway and other rectangular shapes are the new standard for tile. Stagger the tiles or stack them vertically, and have a little fun when choosing the grout color. You can go bold and contrast the grout with your tile in small spaces, or be discrete and go tone on tone.


5.  Change up those jewels.

Cabinetry hardware may seem like a minute detail, but don’t underestimate the power of subtle changes. By simply switching out a few knobs and pulls, your kitchen can have a completely new look. Here’s some hardware eye candy:

When you’re trying to update and upgrade your home, taking a critical look at the kitchen is a no-brainer. Maybe it needs a total overhaul, or maybe just a few little changes is all it needs. 

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about 4 years ago

I'd love a black marble (or other) backsplash the same as my counters! Such a uncluttered, smooth idea. Curiosity: How did you come up with the name Design Pulp?


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