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5 Tips to Get Your House Market Ready

By: Stephanie Andrews

Spring is glorious in Atlanta! This is one of the best times to consider putting your home on the market. As designers, we often work with realtors to apply a critical eye and suggest changes that will make a home sell quickly (and at the highest price). So, if you’re selling your home, how can you set it apart from the pack? Here’s some tips and tricks for staging your home that can make a huge difference to potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

Photo courtesy of Thai Home.

1. Curb appeal: That first impression (whether online or in person) can really make it or break it, so attention to detail is crucial. That means the trim is painted and clean, the yard is raked, cut and trimmed, the porch or entry has a new mat, and there are colorful seasonal flowers adorning the yard and doorway.  Make it beckon “Welcome Home!”

clean and lighting

Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My.

 2. Cleaning and lighting: You want everyone that sees your home to say “WOW, this home has been well taken care of!” This might mean hiring a professional cleaner. Regardless, it’s important to pay attention to those often overlooked areas: floors, trim, corners, and cabinetry. Lighting is extremely important — not only does it provide a bright, airy feeling, but when lights are out, the house looks shabby. Make sure you have working bulbs!

Clear Surfaces

Photo courtesy of Houzz.

3. Clear off flat surfaces: Our rule of thumb is no more than three accessories on a dresser, table, or console. This could be a lamp, a vase, and/or something pretty like a candle. On bookshelves, bring everything to the front of the shelves and arrange according to size. In the kitchen, leave only visually pleasing, useful items on the countertop (but keep them to a minimum). Don’t worry if the space seems a bit stark — it’s better than clutter.

Bedding Towels

Photo courtesy of Top Home Designs.

4. Bedding and linens: Check your bedrooms and baths to make sure the towels and bedding are clean and new looking. When in doubt about color, go with white; it’s a classic that looks fresh and clean.


Photo courtesy of Style Motivation.

5. Florals: As a finishing touch, add a bouquet of tulips to the dining table. (Okay, we may be a little partial to tulips but you can choose your favorite flowers.) It may seem like a small gesture, but it tells potential buyers that you have taken the time to make your home look its best.

A final piece of advice from a realtor friend: “Keep your home clean and immaculate because you are trying to sell it, not live in it!”

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