May 2016 Posts

Our Favorite Spaces: Shelby’s Daring Dining Room

By: Shelby Adamson

I live in a 1968 ranch home and have changed my dining room a few times. I started with a white table, navy chairs, stenciled wall, and capiz chandelier (a la beachy shabby chic) but I really wanted to embrace the era of my home and give it some high contrast pop. Inspired by Jonathan Adler’s colorful, happy spaces, I have come to treat my house less like a model home, and more like an authentic space that makes myself and my husband happy.


Because my dining room acts as a passage to the patio, I needed a round table that allowed movement. With most of the room being neutrals I wanted a pop, and being obsessed with deep pinks and fuchsias led me to Benjamin Moore’s Gypsy Pink. The large mirror on the wall reflects the window and brings in more light. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue for the wall—a chalky navy that doesn’t absorb too much light. Mimicking the look of large molding with white paint, I painted the top and bottom of the wall. 

I’m a big fan of midcentury wishbone chairs, and these were a DIY project I’m pretty proud of. The seats were awful, so I dyed some white cotton to look like Shibori and recovered them. The finishing touch? A sputnik inspired light that really brings a fun modern flair to the room.  

Overall I am thrilled with the space and how it feels finished. As a designer, it can be a real challenge to complete your own home!

A Well Worn Rug

By: Stephanie Andrews


Custom designed rug by Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.

So many of our room designs begin with the rug as inspiration. The choices are endless and evoke different looks based on their color, pattern, and material. If the budget allows, we prefer to start with a hand knotted wool rug. A piece of this quality creates the foundation for the room and if well made, will be able to be passed on for generations.

We have a fierce love of vintage rugs. They add another dimension because they are typically one of a kind, and have a patina that can make a room feel authentic and global. We encourage you to embrace the slight tatters or discoloration of a vintage rug. Although many can be repaired, sometimes it’s precisely these imperfections that make a design really special.


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Of course we love our local rug vendors here in Atlanta — they have an amazing selection, educate us on their products, and keep us coming back again and again. That being said, this Detroit-based company is kind of blowing us away as well!


Photo courtesy of Detroit Rug Restoration.

Don’t let your rug be the last part of a room you consider. Start with a rug you adore and go from there! A really special one can pull a whole room together, spotlight a piece of furniture, and provide a welcome reprieve for little puppy feet.


Antique rug, Anadol Rug Company. Atlanta, GA.

Need We Say More? Grand Piano Sofa

By: Danielle Cornely


Luxurious velvet. Sumptuous curves. The grand piano sofa by Gubi Olsen is drop dead gorgeous. (Please excuse our blatant staring.)

Recognizing the “Potential” in Your Potential Home.

By: Shelby Adamson

When purchasing a new home it is so easy to get discouraged over cosmetic details: Smurf blue paint, gaudy brass light fixtures, orange shag carpet. We encourage you to look past those minor details to see the knock-out potential behind the home!


Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

We know first impressions are everything. Don’t get discouraged by a drab exterior. Small renovations can completely refresh a home’s look, as well as a simple coat of paint and basic landscaping.



Photos courtesy of Amber Interior Design.

Boring, dim powder room not doing it for you? Make an impact with a new mirror and/or vanity. A simple upgrade to something more stylish can save the day.



Photos courtesy of Cook Republic.

The “make it or break it” room for many people is the kitchen. These renovations usually take a little more time (and money), but there’s always little things that can be done to update — painting cabinets, changing tile, switching out hardware.



Photos courtesy of My Domaine.

Sometimes the room itself is fine, but you’re stopped in your tracks by less than stellar existing furniture. Try not to get hung up on someone else’s choices. You’ve got style! (Or if you don’t, consult with an interior designer after move-in.)

Buying a home can be a stressful, sometimes daunting process. Keep an open mind about cosmetic aspects when you’re shopping around. There is a fix for pretty much anything!