October 2015 Posts

SNEAK PEEK: Balance Design Fall Open House

By: The Balance Design Team

Change of season, change of pace. We’re wrapping ourselves up in rich, sultry colors and can’t wait to reveal our new featured artists and curated furnishings. Mark your calendars for our Fall Open House November 5th! In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek.


William Mize paints dilapidated structures in rich and beautiful colors, bringing life where there previously was none. In his own words: “Like us, these structures are broken but beautiful containing layers and depth for the viewer to contemplate.”


Meredith Ochoa works within digital processes and has developed a scanning process in which the subject becomes the negative. The result is hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking pieces of art. 

Fall Open House1

Surrounding these incredible works of art are curated pieces such as a textured leather chaise, a hand tufted wool rug with pops of citron, concrete and bronze lamps, and (our personal favorite) Bernice the resin black sheep. 

Come to our Fall Open House next Thursday, November 5th from 7-9pm for the full experience. The whole Balance Design team will be on hand to answer any and all questions about our art, custom pillows, featured furniture pieces, and your interior design questions.

What’s Old Is New Again: Converted Spaces

By: Danielle Cornely

Is your dream home a one-of-a-kind space with character and history? Converted dwellings can start out as pretty much anything: old industrial or commercial spaces, utilitarian structures, even religious institutions. The finished result will always be a truly unique building with a story.



This late 1800’s church got a modern renovation but kept the beautiful beams and facade of the original building.



It may be from the WWII era, but the interior of this water tower has been redone with clean, modern lines. Plus, its six stories keep the home from feeling cramped.



You wouldn’t think a former military hospital would make such an impressive restaurant space, but that’s exactly what The Jane restaurant in Belgium used to be. The high ceilings are accented by an enormous chandelier in the center of the space.



With converted spaces, it’s best to work with the structure, not against. This home from an old grain silo keeps the form of the curved walls and echoes the shape with a spiral staircase.

Converting a non-residential building into a home is undoubtedly a challenge, but it allows for complete customization and individuality. With a little creativity, an unused space can be transformed into a comfortable and unique sanctuary.

Urban Brilliance: Atlanta’s Living Walls

By: Shelby Adamson

Atlanta is a colorful metropolis with whimsical and artistic attributes everywhere you look. We’re especially proud of the Living Walls project, which is a city-wide public art movement that provides a platform for inter-community dialogue. We collaborated with beloved blogger Sara Longsworth, who is somewhat of an expert on Living Walls, to select our favorite murals from around the city.

Shelby’s picks:


Mural by Hense, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 760 10th Street NW.


Mural by Marcy Starz, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 172 Haynes Street SW.

Stephanie’s picks:


Mural by Ricky Watts, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 10 Krog Street NE.

Elisabeth’s picks:


Mural by Peter Ferrari & The Doublewolf, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Location uncertain. (Know where this mural is? Contact us and tell us!)


Mural by Know Hope, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 79 Georgia Avenue SE.


Artist unknown, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located behind 969 Marietta Street. (We would love to credit this artist. If you know who it is, contact us to let us know!)

Danielle’s picks:


Mural by Greg Mike, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 10 Krog Street NE.


Mural by 3ttman, photography courtesy of Sarah Longsworth.

Located at 39 Georgia Avenue SE.

Other awesome picks:


Mural by Trek Matthews, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located between 115-129 Powell Street.


Mural by Troy Lovegates, photography courtesy of Sara Longsworth.

Located at 693 Humphries Street SW.

This Weekend: Sample Sale at Balance Design

By: Stephanie Andrews


This weekend is the Candler Park Fall Fest, and in support of this community event Balance Design Studio and Gallery will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. We’re gearing up for a new season and need to make room, which means it’s sample sale time! Come visit, check out our designer deals, and chat with us. Ask us how we can help you with your home projects. From new constructions and renovations to pulling it all together, we’re here for all your interior design conundrums.


Never been to our studio before? Stop in and get to know us! We love curating local art for clients (like these abstract paintings by Ashley Hizer) and creating exclusive custom pieces, like this credenza designed by Balance Design’s Elisabeth Paulson.


If your home is feeling a bit lackluster, talk to us about it. We’ll help you select the perfect finishing touches. Custom pillows, handmade candles, and our favorite design books and magazines are ready to amp up your space. We also have a variety of petite pottery from local ceramic artist Chelsea Goff, including porcelain and raku pieces.

If you’re going to the Candler Park Fall Fest, be sure to stop by and get to know us over light refreshments. We’re here this Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th from 10am to 4pm.