August 2015 Posts

Textile Artists You NEED to Know.

By: Danielle Cornely

Textiles are more than just fabrics for curtains and furniture; there’s a whole genre of art dedicated to turning fibers into beautiful and engaging creations.


Kate Keara Pelen gives needlework a gorgeous modern makeover with her abstract embroidered creations.


UK based Etsy shop Sew Sarah Walton’s illustrative textiles look remarkably like hand drawn artwork.


Colors and woven fibers blending fluidly into each other are the hallmark of Mimi Jung’s textile sculptures and wall hangings.


Master carpenter + textile artist with a fashion background = textural wonderland of wood, metal, fiber, and reclaimed materials (officially known as All Roads studio in Los Angeles).


Chung-Im Kim’s voluminous wall hangings combine shape, texture, and pattern to create an immersive experience.

Looking for something modern, unique, and three dimensional to decorate your space? Consider textile art as an alternative to a traditional painting or photograph.

Little Treasures: Curated Details

By: Stephanie Andrews

A lot of times we focus on the larger items when talking about making a house feel like a home, but it’s really all in the details. The little treasures you put on display are what make your home distinct and true to your personality and style. Pick up the item you’re considering and ask yourself: is this authentically me? Do I find it beautiful? Does it feel like it was designed just for me? It’s a tough litmus test, but in the long run it will ensure that everything you select for your home is meaningful.

treasure composite

1. Tasche wall pocket. We love the earthy tone of this leather.
2. Devour tea towel. The simple design combined with the sentiment behind this tea towel is perfection.
3. Serving board. You can’t go wrong with soft, curved wood.
4. Amazonian standing pot. Organic textures and materials are the ultimate inspiration.
5. Turkish bath towels. It’s good to add a little luxury here and there, like these 100% organic cotton towels from Turkey.
6. Teddy hook. Functional items don’t have to be uninspiring.

Get Schooled: Design for Your Inner Smartypants

By: Danielle Cornely

It’s that time of year again: back to school. Instead of shedding a tear for the departure of sandy beaches and summer road trips, start this school year off with a bit of academic inspiration.

scholastic vignette composite


1. The abacus: old timey math thingy, or unique wall art? You decide.
2. It’s a globe, it’s a desk lamp, it’s both!
3. The molecular light: a tribute to your very own DNA.
4. The Arteriors Ripley lamp looks like it came out of the most stylish geometry textbook ever.
5. Sometimes you gotta think big picture. Get hugely inspired with a celestial map.
6. Invest in a good drafting table for all your creative work needs.
7. Library card catalogues might be obsolete at this point, but that doesn’t mean they stop being useful. Just look at all that storage space.