July 2015 Posts

Natural Elements: Bringing the Outdoors Inside.

By: Danielle Cornely

Ah, the great outdoors — fresh air, incredible beauty, and endless inspiration. Why leave all that outside?


Urban Hardwoods takes live edge wood pieces to the next level with this headboard. Does it get any better than the raw texture and color variations of natural wood? We think not.


This beautiful hand-tufted rug by South American artist Alexandra Kehayoglou is the best way to feel like you’re lounging in a mossy pasture without leaving the comfort air conditioning.


Giant smooth river rocks that are actually super soft pillows? Yes please.


The succulent print pillow by Plantillo is fresh, bright, and adds a pop of green with absolutely no watering.


These rough and rugged stone slab tables are a beautiful tribute to the raw strength of nature.

bamboo screen

Bamboo panels don’t just look beautiful, they also create amazing light patterns when the sun filters through them.

The spirit of the outdoors is powerful and wonderful. Bring your favorite aspects of it inside to create an invigorating and inspiring space.

Clearly Chic: Transparent Furniture

By: Danielle Cornely

Photo courtesy of Savvy Home.

Photo courtesy of Savvy Home.

It’s July, it’s hot, and we all want a nice, cool place to lounge in until autumn. Clear furniture keeps your space feeling open and airy, whether you’re in a studio apartment or a multi-room home.


H Studio’s Verona Chair is sleek and stylish without sacrificing comfort. A clear back and legs support a customizable upholstered seat.


Just because you want to keep your space organized doesn’t mean you can’t still put your treasures on display. This acrylic chest will help you stay tidy without bulky opaque containers.


Ghostly and ethereal, this translucent table mimics the delicate folds of cloth.


Love the lucite look but still need some color in your life? Try this acrylic table from Emmanuelle Moureaux for a funky, unique solution.


Don’t worry, fellow edgy furniture lovers — clear furniture can still be fierce. The Frequency Cabinet by Mattia Bonetti may be made from clear acrylic, but its gold-plated brass spikes make it impossible to miss.

Acrylic and lucite are classic yet modern, and a perfect solution for when your space is starting to feel a little heavy and oppressive (like mid-summer in Georgia).

The Colors of Mexico

By: Verena Dalati Salmé

My recent trip to Mexico City was as inspiring as it was relaxing. The locals were friendly, the food was delicious, and the history was rich. Among the art, museums, and regional traditions I experienced, there was one overarching theme I couldn’t ignore: COLOR! From painted buildings to artisan creations, unique color palettes were created by ordinary items in brilliant hues.

Mexico 1

Cayenne | Emerald | Blush

1. Door detail by architect Luis Barragan, Casa de Luis Barragan, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.
2. “Frida on White Bench” by Nickolas Muray, Fenimore Art Museum.
3. Traditional dress detail, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.

Mexico 2

Aqua | Terracotta | Yellow

1. Mexican ceramic tile detail, Puebla, Mexico, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.
2. Amor graffiti, Puebla, Mexico, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.
3. Acapulco chair, Replica Furniture.

Mexico 3

Bubblegum | Seafoam | Caramel

1. Seafoam door with bubblegum accents, Mexico City, photographer unknown.
2. Brooklyn brownstone, Brooklyn, NY, photo courtesy of Andrew Cammarano.
3. Cacti needles, Luis Barragan building, Mexico City, photographer unknown.

Mexico 4

Royal Blue | Ivory | Oatmeal

1. Standing bear sculpture, painted wood, Oaxaca, Mexico.
2. Talavera tile detail, House of Tiles, Mexico City, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.
3. Talavera salsa bowl, indeeddecor.com.

Mexico 5

Goldenrod | Chili Red | Pepper Black

1. Traditional Mexican corn on the cob, photographer unknown.
2. “Do Not Throw Trash” Ciudadela Market, Mexico City, photo courtesy of Guy Salmé.
3. Prickly pear chair, designed by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers, traditional Mexican Otomi fabric.

From market streets to boutique gems, the colors of Mexico are bold, rich, and spicy — how can you not be inspired?

Patriotic Party Time: Happy Fourth of July!

By: Danielle Cornely

We love a good old fashioned summer cookout, and Fourth of July is the perfect time to get everyone together for a big party. As with any party, half the fun is the decorating. But with this holiday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of stars and stripes and not know how to pull it all together. Don’t worry, America, we’re here for you.


Photo courtesy of Domino Magazine

A sturdy table, aged wood accents, and the American flag elevate this from a simple nautical look to a classically patriotic outdoor bar.


Photo courtesy of Denim Do Over

If this doesn’t say “summery Fourth of July fun,” we don’t know what does. The woven placemat and adorable denim flatware holder add rustic style to the flag plates and vintage-look utensils.


Photo courtesy of My Painted Garden

Nothing like the perfect patina of a vintage bike to take you on an instant nostalgia trip. Here, the blue of the bike paired with the red flowers and little flags says “Happy Fourth!” in a sweetly vintage way.

It’s easy to collect items to create a sophisticated, patriotic look for your own space using pieces from yard sales, thrift stores, or even online.


1. Serena and Lily pinstripe pillows in red and white are a subtle yet noticeable tribute to the flag on Fourth of July.
2. Raffia placemats from Serena and Lily are a great way to create a summery vibe on any table.
3. Really get a nostalgic feel with antique silverware on your table.
4. Serena and Lily hurricane holders are the perfect lighting for wistful summer evenings.
5. Whether being used as a buffet table, a place for guests to dine, or even a makeshift bar, nothing beats a solid reclaimed wood trestle table for bustling get-togethers.
6. Can you really have a classic summer party without pinwheels? We didn’t think so.
7. A vintage bike can be blissful transportation as well as a creative place to hang streamers, put up a banner, or add some flowers.
8. Nothing says old school like a (very) vintage flag. Celebrate the history of the holiday with a Betsy Ross style flag.