April 2015 Posts

Color and Composition: Ashley Hizer’s Abstract Paintings

Ashely Hizer photo sm

By: Danielle Cornely

With the grand opening of our new design studio and art gallery fast approaching, we’re getting more acquainted with our featured artists. The first time we saw Ashley Hizer’s work, we knew she was a perfect fit for our first quarter’s look. Abstract paintings with fresh, bold colors complimented the bright and punchy colors of our custom pillows and handmade throws. The more we get to know Ashley, the more pride we feel in being able to showcase her extraordinary art. She is truly a talented artist with a passion for creating work she believes in.



1. You started your professional career as a language arts educator. What prompted you to follow your passion for painting and make a career change?

“I had always wanted a career that allowed me to express myself creatively and encourage others to do so as well. Teaching allowed me to do that and make a difference in kids’ lives. I’m grateful for the years I spent doing so, but to be honest, I still felt a creative void as the demands of lesson planning and grading essays took priority over painting. I realized that it was best to take a risk and go full-time with my art. I’m so glad I did because I realized that art can make a difference in people’s lives too.”


2. What advice would you give to others thinking about making the leap into being a full time artist?

“I would encourage them to go for it because life is short. However, expect it to take a lot of hard work and time to get the ball rolling. I had a part-time job to supplement at the beginning, and learned it does require ‘un-fun’ administrative tasks to get the business going, such as marketing and finances. At times, it can be a challenge but it is so, so worth it.”


3. Describe the process of creating an abstract painting. Do you start with a plan, or just go with the flow?

“I usually have some sort of a rough vision for a painting, such as a color scheme or a style, but sometimes I’ll simply start a project just because I want to use a certain brush. My work is always intentional, but I’ve found that I produce my best work when I don’t overthink it. However, it’s a layered and detailed process that includes lots of refining over time.”


4. You use so many sophisticated colors in your work. Which ones inspire you the most?

“Vibrant colors inspire me. It seems that almost every work has at least a hint of blue or green.”


5. How do you feel your hometown/upbringing in Southern California reflects in your work?

“I grew up frequenting the beach, so the textures, space, and colors of my artwork, for example, have always reflected that setting. My last place in San Diego, before I moved to Atlanta, overlooked downtown and the bay. The movement of the waves, swirling oranges of sunset, juxtaposition of linear lines and soft ocean curls still inspire my work. There’s many aspects of the South that aid my vision, but I’m a Californian at heart.”


Obsession: Black and White Patterned Tile

By: Verena Dalati Salmé

Lately I’ve been really inspired by bold, patterned tile, which may or may not have anything to do with my upcoming trip to Mexico. The movement, the contrast, the amazing statement a wall of this beautiful tile makes–I love it all.



The echo tile is the kind of tile that gets better the more you use it in one place. The Corazon restaurant in Portland has the right idea.


It’s hard to go wrong with this classic pattern, so go ahead and fill a whole wall with it. Seriously, do it.


Photography by Sharyn Cairns for Whiting Architects

Maybe you can’t decide which you like better: organic or geometric patterns. That’s okay, mix ’em up! The monochromatic aspect keeps the patchwork tile eclectic, not chaotic.

Black and white doesn’t have to be boring. Go big with patterns and make a statement!

Outdoor Style: Boho Bungalow

By: Stephanie Andrews

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner here in Georgia. My backyard needed some help, so I recently had a little work done to it. With a new horizontal slat fence and huge deck, I’ve been hunting for stunning outdoor furniture. Of all the styles I’ve perused, one of my favorites is a boho bungalow-inspired look.

Deck furniture composite

1. Encase Outdoor Swing  – Modway
2. Tuuci Manta Shade – Design Within Reach
3. Farmhouse Lounge Chair – Dwell
4. Bora Bora Pillow – Wayfair
5. Nozib Teak Lounger – Dwell
6. Criss Knit Pod – CB2
7. Trimaran Stripe Rug – Dash & Albert

Bright colors paired with natural tones make this look sophisticated and fun.

Our Curated Collection: Dogwood Festival Artists

By: Danielle Cornely

This weekend is the Dogwood Festival here in Atlanta, and as always there is a plethora of amazing and diverse artists and makers. Here’s just a tiny taste:

4_10 blog

1. “Large Life” – Bennet Art
2. “Sunny Winter Morning” – Kent Ambler
3. “Avian Etude” – Michael Bryant (Spoiler alert! Expect to see more of Michael’s beautiful work in our new gallery space coming soon!)
4. “Chairs #1” – Jerry Brem
5. “Monster Box” – Eric Grimes

Color Obsession: Copper

By: Verena Dalati Salmé

Some people like silver, some prefer gold. But then there’s copper. Offering a refreshing third option to the world of metallic finishes, copper has functional and aesthetic benefits. Lightweight, recyclable, and antimicrobial, it develops a natural patina over time that only makes it more intriguing. 


Like the industrial look but also want to feature a bit of color? This Metal Bell Pendant from Pottery Barn totally gets you. Pairing copper with rope makes it beautiful with a little bit of edge.


The Real Good Chair from Blue Dot is pure genius, with laser cut fold lines that allow you to set your own perfect angles. It’s a sleek, chic statement piece that’s sure to impress.


Copper and marble: a match made in heaven. The appropriately named Zen Collection from Watermark uses classic materials in a modern yet elegant fashion.


The edgy Cole Stool from Madegoods can be used indoors or outdoors. We suggest both.


Think a single statement piece isn’t enough? How about a statement wall? We love this copper paneled wall featured in the 25 Hours Bikini Berlin Hotel.


Little details can make a big impact. These copper elbow pipe hooks are easy to DIY and will instantly add energy and style to any space.

A little bit industrial, a little bit glamorous, copper accents are an unexpected way to dress up any space.