January 2015 Posts

Krog Street Market

By: Danielle Cornely

In November of last year, Krog Street Market opened its doors to a hungry Atlanta community ready for a new experience. The market follows in the footsteps of pioneers like the Chelsea Market in New York and the Sweet Auburn Curb Market here in Atlanta, combining dining with community and historical preservation. The result is a beautiful, inspiring gathering place where you can peruse local goods in market stalls before taking in a meal from one of the many global-inspired food vendors.


Photo courtesy of tideandbloom.

Keeping an industrial but still inviting feel with metal and wood, the seating areas in the market encourage interaction and conversation. Let’s get a better look at that counter lighting in the background:

Photo courtesy of tideandbloom.

Photo courtesy of tideandbloom.

Curved glass pendants that resemble the cake stands below them? Genius. And beautiful.

Photo by Verena Dalati Salme.

Photo by Verena Dalati Salme.

A mesmerizing wall of what looks like reclaimed wood resides by one of the market’s entrances. It’s okay to stare.


Fred’s Meat and Bread appreciates the power of creative product display. You have our attention.

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Eater.

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Eater.

This table at The Cockentrice is big enough for friends and family, but still feels intimate. We love the personal touch of open shelving made from wood and industrial piping. (Could those be cookbooks on the shelves?)

It’s safe to say Krog Street Market is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. Genuinely delicious food, talented artisans, and a community atmosphere have us craving another visit SOON. We can’t wait to see the market grow and flourish!

Color Palette: Take Me Away (Immediately)

By: Elisabeth Paulson

Take pause on this dreary Friday and immerse yourself in this tropical paradise. Can you feel the salt on your sunburned nose? We can. Here are some beach color celebrations from our favorite paint people.

Photo by Elisabeth Paulson. Puerto Rico.

Photo by Elisabeth Paulson.  Culebra, Puerto Rico.

From left to right:
Farrow & Ball: Joa’s White No. 226
Pratt & Lambert: Green Ravine 17-16
Benjamin Moore: Cool Aqua 2056-40
Ralph Lauren: Cadet Blue RL 1972
Sherwin Williams: Flyway SW 6794

Fly away.

5 Ways to Upgrade your Home & Add Value: Lesson 1- Consider Curb Appeal


by: Verena Dalati Salmé

If you want a fresh perspective on the value of your home, walk across the street, turn around and ask yourself, “Does my home look attractive, welcoming and structurally sound at first glance?” If it lacks appeal from the outside, a future buyer may never make it inside.  Every detail of your home’s exterior adds value so here are some tips to keep in mind.

MAKE YOUR FRONT DOOR A STATEMENT: The front door is the first thing guests and potential homebuyers see of your home. They should get an immediate feel and sense of the home as soon as they see your front door. Your front door is your first impression — make it count! If you are in the market for a new front door, fiberglass and steel are creative alternatives to wood. Consider glass panes, screen doors, or storm doors, which reduce energy costs. If you aren’t looking to replace the whole door, consider new paint, adding a new knocker, or updating hardware. Overhangs, such as awnings or porticos, can also add a little character. 

Don’t be afraid to go bold when selecting a color. Left: Yellow Front Door / Right: Red Front Door

FRESHEN UP THE PAINT: If the exterior color of your house is fading or outdated, painting is a good place to start your improvements. Choose colors and exterior details that match the period of your house. There are many long-lasting and environmentally friendly paint brands to choose from in the market. Always consider the color of surrounding homes- make sure your home stands out within any color restrictions in your neighborhood.

Sherwin Williams offers helpful paint schemes for the exterior walls, trims and details.

Sherwin Williams offers helpful paint schemes for the exterior walls, trims and details.

DAZZLE YOUR DRIVEWAY: A driveway or walkway is what leads people to your home, so it’s important to make sure they are well kept. Natural materials can be expensive and require lots of maintenance. New manmade materials can be found for affordable prices and in a variety of color and texture options. Painting or lining your walkway with stones are affordable alternatives to repaving.

Driveways don’t have to be bland. New materials and designs are available daily. Left: Concrete & Pebbles Right: Concrete & Faux Grass

LIVEN UP THE LANDSCAPING: With so much focus on the house itself, your yard can get neglected. Remove diseased plants, tangled trees, and unkempt bushes. Mother nature can go wild at a considerable cost; a fallen branch from a neglected tree can mean serious damage to your home. If you have a curvy walkway, accentuate it with flowers or lanterns. Make sure the colors in your yard enhance the exterior of your house, and choose plants that can survive your area’s climate. Planting containers and window planters add charm, while landscape lighting is beautiful and functional.

The landscaping decided upon should compliment the home in color & style. Left: Cacti Wall Right: Rustic Mauve Family

ACCESSORIZE:  It’s all in the details. Let your finishing touches show your personality: welcome mats, house numbers, doorbells, light fixtures, shutters, and mailboxes are affordable and make a huge impact. If you already have shutters, make sure they are not hanging crooked or flaking paint. Gutters are usually not the most glamorous feature, but they can actually be a huge statement piece if you choose unique finishes and designs. Spruce up your deck with fresh and functional outdoor furniture.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once but start somewhere!

Top Five Calendars to Start Your Year Off Right

By: Danielle Cornely

For some, a calendar is more than a list of days of the year; it’s like a personal assistant that keeps all of your schedules, plans, and goals organized in one place. While many have made the move from hard copy to digital, we’ve collected our top five calendars to convince you that print is not dead.


Arina Pozdnyak puts a modern, emotive twist on the classic landscape with the Perpetual Calendar. Each month is a beautiful, meditative photograph that makes the calendar feel like an art collection.


Simple and whimsical, this watercolor calendar by Flora Douville is handmade by the artist in France and is available in English and French.


Graphic shapes and a soft pink hue combine to make this calendar by SNUG.TOYBLOCKS chic and versatile.


We love this unique calendar by Stuart Greer for Fedrigoni! Created with designers in mind, this little guy won’t hog precious desk or wall space.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more environmentally conscious, the Isometric Risograph Calendar by Paper Pusher is for you. Printed on 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with soy-based inks, its beautiful geometric designs are a feast for the eyes all year long.

Days of Our Lives: My Kitchen Renovation, Episode 2

By: Stephanie Andrews

It’s time for another episode! Before the holidays got started, I began the preliminary stages of my own personal kitchen and bath remodel. Now it’s a brand new year, and I’m diving head first into design decisions for the kitchen. I was inspired by both the Remodelista blog and their new book. They really helped me crystalize my craftsman, industrial, and artisan tastes into a defined look that suits my family. Here’s the idea:

Andrews Kitchen Selection Blog FINAL

Inspiration for kitchen design: Amsterdam Loft

1. Dining Wall Accent Sconces. Rensselaer Sconce. Brass & Twisted Red Cord
2. Kitchen Island Barstools. Industrial Metal Adjustable Stool. Raw Legs with Red Seat
3. Kitchen Island Pendants. Factory Light No. 6. Factory Black Steel
4. Kitchen Counter Top. Honed Black Granite
5. Kitchen Cabinet Color. Sherwin Williams. Dover White SW6385
6. Kitchen Island Counter Top. Walnut Butcher Block
7. Kitchen Island Cabinet Color. Sherwin Williams. Rock Bottom SW7062
8. Drawer Knobs. Modern Knob. Chrome
9. Cabinet Pulls. Modern Pull. Chrome

The next step will be drafting the architectural renderings of the cabinetry, including an island with a walnut wood top. Stay tuned for the next installment of “Days of Our Lives: My Kitchen Renovation” to see if I can stay in budget and get the whole family on board with these decisions!