November 2014 Posts

Design Classics to be Thankful For.

By: Stephanie Andrews

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, it only seems appropriate to share some tried and true design classics that we are thankful for.



A round mirror, like this Expedition Mirror from Arteriors, makes a statement of simple beauty whether in a pair or grouped with other shapes.



The wishbone chair is one of our absolute favorites. This Hans Wegner piece instantly adds style to a dining room in a set or alone as an accent chair.


We are dying to use this Private Cloud bed in one of our designs. Wouldn’t you love to see it in our portfolio?


A classic Chesterfield sofa in rich leather or plush velvet is the epitome of style.



We love Hans Wegner! His designs are stunning. This lounge chair can pull together any room.


The concentric circles and metallic finish of the Double Cirque Chandelier can lift a breakfast nook to new heights.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Design Pulp! We are most thankful for our families, friends, clients, vendors, and readers for supporting us in all we do. Thank you!

Holiday Siesta

By: Kate Donnelly

Between traveling, food prep, and that double whammy of tryptophan and red wine, Thanksgiving can be exhausting. Once the pie has been eaten and the dishes cleaned, we are all ready for a little turkey-induced coma.

We found some very comfy pieces to retire to after Thanksgiving indulgence. So put up your feet, drown out your crazy relatives, and take a well deserved nap on one of these finds:

nap1We love love the bohemian vibe of this Roche Bobois Sofa designed by Hans Hopfer. The low profile and wide cushions make it great for sitting, laying, or lounging. With room enough for the whole family!


After an evening full of family rhetoric, many of us will feel like fainting. Hopefully there is a stunning antique fainting couch like this one somewhere close by.


It’s a bean bag, it’s a hammock…no, it’s a Beanock! For grown ups and kids alike, the Le Beanock brings comfort and fun. I think this looks like the perfect place to cuddle up for some Z’s.

nap4One look at the dreamy Enignum Canopy Bed already has us in a trance. With it’s organic curved wood and flowing canopy, this bed whispers instant relaxation.



Color Obsession: Autumn Explosion

By: Danielle Cornely


Autumn is in full swing and color is everywhere! Let’s take a minute to appreciate the full range of hues this season has to offer. Of course there’s burnt ochres, fiery reds, and rich browns, but there is also a whole palette of gorgeous, less known colors. Chartreuse, aubergine, and cool grey are the supporting cast, and we think it’s time for them to shine.

Peking sofa


Peking Sofa by Johnathan Adler.

This mid century, Asian-inspired style in remarkable chartreuse is a show stopper.


Pomegranate Gold rug by The Rug Company.

A suzani rug in modern colors, the Pomegranate Gold rug is sure to be a timeless heirloom.

Velvet lyre chair

Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Armchair by Anthropologie.

How could you resist curling up with a good book in this tufted chair?

Alexis lamp

Alexis Lamp by Currey and Company.

We strongly believe lamps can be functional and still beautiful. This Alexis lamp is a work of art.

Louisianne bench

Louisiane Bench by Fermob.

This sculptural bench would be right at home in the back of a garden — the perfect place to sit and reflect.

Throw pillowsSchumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Throw Pillows by PinkandPiper on Etsy.

You can’t go wrong with Schumacher fabric. These pillows have it all: color, pattern, and panache.

Days of Our Lives: My Kitchen Renovation, Episode 1.

By: Stephanie Andrews

We help clients navigate their kitchen and bath renovations daily, so it would seem logical that my own personal renovation would be simpler, less complicated. Not the case. Because I have seen so many trends come and go, I’m determined to create a timeless design for my project. Add to this my husband’s own distinct style preferences and I’ve hit a bit of a creative block.

Here’s the plan: Open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Update the kitchen with new cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Move the bathroom in between my kids’ rooms (hopefully not the biggest mistake ever). And the most important part? Create an indoor/outdoor space through french doors in the dining room.

To help me in this early stage of the project, I began searching for inspiration. Looking at different finished projects helps me fine tune what style I want, what functional aspects are important to me in my new kitchen, and allows me to share visual ideas with my family. Throughout this journey I will share drawings, construction pictures, tales of woe (hopefully not) and finally the finished project.

I anticipate my kitchen being brighter than this one, but I love the hanging shelves over the island. The industrial pendants and stools are also a nice touch.

Exploring my architect friend’s, Robert Ross of Ross Designs, idea of a solid surface backsplash. Could I be bold enough to incorporate my favorite color, emerald green?

Cast iron French doors. Outside my budget? Perhaps. Definitely an aspect to look into — I love them!

Although my bathroom will be a bit smaller, this clean, modern vibe is speaking to me.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our kitchen renovation. What mystery, drama, and plot twists are in store? Hopefully none. Stay tuned!