March 2013 Posts

A Carpenter with Mad Skills and Heart


I have known our carpenter, Scott Dilley, for 11 years.  I met him through his wife, Melanie, when our sons Jake and Jack were born. We quickly became pals; she is British and would entertain me with tea and witty conversation.  She could rightly be the subject of her own blog post with an amazing story but I will leave that for another time.

Scott's Studio/Workshop in Monroe, GA

Scott’s Studio/Workshop in Monroe, GA

I am not sure what project I first worked with Scott or how he manages to accomplish our clients projects with rough sketches or concept drawing.  It is one thing to conceptualize, it is quite another to actually make a beautiful piece of furniture.   Perhaps it is because he attended the Art Institute of Chicago and studied sculpture, making him an artist first.  Perhaps it is because he spent valuable time with his grandfather as a kid in California, building things.  Perhaps it was out of necessity to keep his family nurtured.  It is probably all these things and more.

Just one example of Scott's work: a kitchen table using reclaimed wood.

Just one example of Scott’s work: a kitchen table using reclaimed wood.

Scott is a Renaissance man.  He spent five years in Egypt learning ancient culture and speaks Arabic.  He met Melanie in Brazil on a mission trip and is even an ordained minister who has married several friends.  His conversation is not ordinary; he has a philosophical bent that often sees the best in people and circumstances.  He seems to have “yes” for an answer, even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable.  I am grateful for that.
One of his art pieces: marrying the vibrant with the raw.

One of his art pieces: marrying the vibrant with the raw.

His art and furniture is fun, spirited and thoughtful.  He seems to be right on trend and knows how to create.  That’s it – I am awed with his ability to create.  Here are only a couple of the dozens of projects we have done together.  Check out his portfolio to see more:
Scott and Melanie currently reside deep in the woods of Monroe, Georgia, with their four children, 21 chickens and one duck.